Correlate: Intermedio + Anchor Song

Frequency hop.
This is a time–delayed apunte.
Las tres de la madrugada
Location: Montreuil, vía Azincourt.

Henry the Fift and Nº3.
22 hundred hours
por el Nº2.
Navidad 2018.

Fift Spoke (Shifty Henry) and N°3 (as himself) are a pair of jail birds. They make a break for it after Fift Spoke notices that the warden was preoccupied with “sad sack”, a blue–balled square who’d been weeping all night at The Cell. Hilarity ensues when the Super Star ain’t even 24 hours of age [on this Universe and the Next] Ladies in Gemeni, and the Seasons Greetings (Christmas Tree) float like jetsam por arriba de “les paves “.

Apunte para los editores:
The following is made possible by Muebles Troncoso®️, and it must be read in the voice of Chabelo™️.

Nº 4 is a square until 20 comes around.

Shifty Henry, never outgrew the thrill of Christmas day, and so when he got word that the warden was putting together a band for a Christmas party, his pedals knew that it would soon be time make a break for the Pas at Calais.

… le decía una muda ciega a un sordo mudo: ‘pos si Valentín cantaba sin acentos, por qué yo no he—de ‘Scribir.

Shifty Henry and “las hijas de La Chica del Coro” used to cross every Christmas Day into France to play “war” with Charles and the Quickly Misstresses–es–es of Orleans, a Roller Derby gang of feminas who answered only to SaraH–thoustra who, as a leader, was usually a nice cunt so long as no one mentioned the “charolastras”, a two–bit gang who_in_this —D R A F T— play_the_role of a_rival_gang from R_O_M_A who rode around in “avalanchas”. The charolastras wore a patch on their backs that depicted a Mowgli bust… if Mowgli was an Apache Indian, and not the Indian that Columbus was tryng to reach [in A_N_O_T_H_E_R   u-n-i-v-e-r-s-e] from la retaguardia.

[SaraH–thoustra mugshot goes smacked right below these brackets]

wait for it, wait… in the meantime enjoy the musical break sin acentos.

Ladies in Gemini:
Valentin Elizalde
… y los arboles.

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