Last Week to They — A closer rug (Maine)

It’s All Greek To Mí — ‘Stamos con Lewiston, in Maine, eating regular red lobster 🦞 near a bowling for Columbine theme night.


Öüï last saw Fenster the copy editor square dancing in what used to be a French settlement probably named after a racetrack in the Ancienne ⚜️  Régime au Mans, which probably explains why Fenster ordered the escargot 🐌 during the restaurant scene in REPTILE.

Meanwhile at El Mundo de Le Monde de Mans:

Les trafiquants osent tout!

Sor… presa.

Drugs hidden inside weapons…
Armas disimuladas entre las drogas…
J’ai même vu de la drogue planquée dans la drogue!

Boobie traps, arrive courtesy, Está Vez por cortesía de Víctor Jagger, the Freejack snatcher.

Page 11, 22/23 Octobre in Le Monde

Page 12… Greece: Europe’s austérité laboratoire.

Yup… Cam One was inoperable, me lo dijo una “estupida” calaverita.


Over at The Rollings Stone Circus, Öüï caught up with Emilio, who está vez, found some shelter with a crazy nun, but who’s keeping score eh! No ‘stamos ciegos, it is clear as secrets in plain sight.


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