Dear, Seth Meyers… meet Susana Poveda

Text, context, subtext… did ya’ get all D.A.T.?


The Student will

SECTion 3 .::. 5AB3C7E7-09B7-4022-92DF-78B2CAD5B235 🛎 In this section of the TEST, the IHEAL Student will find the gathering where Professor John Mill Ackerman assumed that everyone in that SEMINAR, knew who his “cuñado” was; AUSSI… to celebrate 4/20/20 Extra credit will be added if the student provides Professor’s Ackerman views during that same seminar regarding pot smokers in France.

[Moore to come] https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/04/21 /cartones/2

SHEET = Pliego; as in: todos los pliegos de papel de envoltura para regalos de navidad (en esta foto) no serán suficientes para envolver las Coronas del COVID-19 en el Invierno 2020/2021.

Dear, Susana Poveda, meet Seth Meyers, and to quote that Tweeter fellow who tagged himself with a fip logo tattoo, mr. Meyers just pulled one of them I was just thinking about that, and there you go playing a song to go with that vibe; of course, i, armando segovia just paraphrased one of the biggest Donald Trump’s enablers, but then somewhere in your (fip) archives, mr. Dorsey is on the record saying something like D.A.T.

This is a frame in progress

This is a frame in progress…

 Case in point, mr. Meyers, and to paraphrase the voice of Brian Williams on last night’s The 11th Hour in New York, New York (05h i Paris, France), how does it feel, to be relegated to the Kids room*? For the record, in Hilo, Hawaii, it is still EARTH DAY, and to observe the occasion please be advised that —indeed— Eye plated a seed, heck to put it metaphorically, Eye spread several hundreds of thousands of seeds on the ground! An that is “thing one”, but before we [the staff] move on, öüï are going to take a nap. 

Dear Conan de la O… this is a PSA 4U

TimeStamp in South Carolina and a Philadelphia guitar store is:
9:45 pm.


Al regresar, Katy Kay & Katy Tur review the courts and the Democratic weight on ‘theMexican IPO’s… this segment is being brought to you by Leche Lala y Tequila Cuervo… After the Kats review the parties, Rachel Maddow does her signature Cocktail Moment, tonight she gets her Kicks concocting “The Lactose Crow,” one-squirt of LaLa milk and 3-shots of Pepé Cuervo [de preferencia: Añejo o Reposado]. —|— Uso justo de todos los IPO’s en los EEUU, y de los medios por los interwebs.

Right now the fiscal calendars that hang across Brian Williams, D.C.’s  bureau  dictates that it is Black History month, and according to the 11th hour, Trump-era deportations have begun.


Dyn-o-mite!… and in an effort to keep up with the new streamlined relations between the Erdoğan regime in Turkey and the Peña Nieto administration in México, the staff [here] is avoiding the alert “Breaking News,” and instead focusing on a popular catchphrase on ‘the’  CBS in order to ring-you the news.


Dear Conan O’Brien:
Please be advised that
during his visit to collect the Atoms for Peace remains,
allá en Mexico State,
president Barry de la O missed the opportunity
to take with him the magical experience of tasting
Enrique’s Own chorizo de Toluca...
y que no se le pase probar esas míticas ‘quesadillas sin queso’;
nada que ver con aquellos
lonches ahogados de Philadelphia

Estimada redacción de los Salinas Pliego... no querrán ustedes decir [de la boca de don Diego] —unos valedores bien a todo dar— en lugar de la expresión "...unos muy frescos y malos hombres!!!". Dicho de otra manera, ¿que acaso no se acaban de quedar sin AIRES ACONDICIONADOS???

Estimada redacción de los Salinas Pliego: no querrán ustedes decir [de la boca de don Diego] —unos valedores bien a todo dar— en lugar de la expresión “…unos muy frescos y malos hombres!!!”. Dicho de otra manera, ¿qué acaso no se acaban de quedar sin AIRES ACONDICIONADOS??? Ahora, si por lo de “malos hombres” querían ustedes [ allí mero, en su redacción ] referirse a los ‘muchachos’ del ITAM, o Dios nos agarre confesados a ‘los facundos’  de los Foros de la Televicracia, entonces sí. Tienen ustedes TODA La Razón— esos güerquillos sí que son bien malos; comenzando por lo RATAS que han sido —y con el favor De Dios— de seguro que lo seguirán siendo. —|— Uso justo de todos los horizontes, y de Madonna en Malawi.

Chorizo Reference: http ://www .milenio .com /politica /Harper-Pena-Nieto-Obama-toluqueno-chorizo-Toluca-Cumbre-Lideres-petroleo-America _del _Norte _0 _248375752 .html