Roll over Shakespeare and tell Cervantes to move.

TimeStamp: 19 Hundred Hours
on a Mexican Pirate Radio dial
in Central NATO Time.

Roll Over “el bard–oh”… Akira is here

_and of course Ewe’all know that the following must be read in a Gene “Cisco Kid” Wilder voice:

People who know, dice un comercial en “los” MSNBC’s, “know BDO”… we too, mister, we the peoples of Rockridge know BoDyOdor, pretty damn well, heck, we [the staff] wouldn’t roll into battle without the whiff of Mango and a bit of “Eau de Buffalo*”.

Cruzando Las Cruces está Truth and Consequences y (el) Pueblo, White Sands — lest Ewe forget that, mi “rey” Lear.

* That’s a Rosanne quote Y’all,
But not the dear Rosannadana,
no, not her, but rather Bill Maher’s pal
over at the Barr’s clan.


In today’s Spectacle:
Who stoned Roger Pipeline’s frames? Seriously, Donnie Deutsch‽ Who d’FuNk stoned Mr. Wiki Pipeline’s frames?
but speaking of pipes, and not the fun kind (if Ewe, Willie Geist know what Eye mean, said Cousin Joe on his morning show).
in Tejas, Donald Trump wants to play full commando Netanyahu with kids that might throw stones at the soldiers that he, as President of the United States, is misplacing along that stretch.
On the minute–man front, you low–level hicks at the O.K. Corral should totally be able to recall that time in recent History (less than 100 years) when the leader with a loud-speaker invented a threat for his fucking Sheeple; heck, we [the staff] reckon that Mika Breziznski, wont let us lie, if Mika Brezizinski was at her post.

Anygüey, Mika would tell ewe Circus Animals that the last time that a demagogue invented an international threat to “his” way of life, Mika’s dad ended up being Alfredo Jalife’s worst nightmare. And then, a lot of Poles had to leave Poland; skurwysyn! WtF is up with that Cletus. Wasn’t your motherfucking “brand” of History,  while vacationing in Europe? It went kind of like this:

that your ”Grand Daddy” saved Europe from the PEOPLE THAT IS SUPPORTING DONALD “kurwa” Trump, right fucking now‽

What da’fuck is in you gun-powder? Are Ewe fuckers wearing a mask when you fucking idiots are re-loading your bullets‽

Or, have you cowboys become that Enemy from Within, The Enemy that your “grand daddy” warned Ewe fucking idiots about, don’t lie Cleatus!!! Are Ewe fuckers goose–Stepping out of step—and—out of time. Cows, you fucking Boys, have more courage and sense than y’all.

America is out of step and The Poles are talking… in New York is 06.20 in the a.m. dial and in Paris it’s only the 11th hour.

Sammy sang it best “Ewe miss a beat—EWE LOSE “el ritmo” and Eugene Robinson will tell ya’all… “that’s not really the Bossa Nova.

Armando Álvarez explains in the next segment with the help of “the” household name in America (sin acento), but right now: it’s all about THE RAGE!!!

TimeStamp: 14.20 in Central NATO Time
Ed’s note:
Fenster the copy editor
rearranged some icons and symbols on this page.

Hors–Série — Breaking el intermedio entre las news

TimeStamp: 21h00 in Central NATO Time

Paris, France _ AS3nEwes. Tens of millions of domestic species marched in different cities around The Globe to protest against unwanted groping and fondle.

Boston, Massachusetts__ Mean while over at The Boston Globe, the Mighty–Mighty Bostonnes learned an important lesson about wraslin’ with PIGS. John Cena, on the WWF is about to learn the same lesson when he oil wrestles for the Saudi Despot du Jour.

The global march was sparked following the revelation of an Instagram®️ account of what appears to be an MK—Ultra bleached blonde groping different pot–bellied pigs. On one of the posted videos, the female can be heard bragging that she is “about to make a gif” and immediately gropes and lifts a piglet by the belly with one hand. On the frame, a room that is set up to look like a “kitchen” can be seen in Plain Sight, even with Eyes Wide  Shut.

… naturally, Willie would not approve.

Gidget, the lesbian bitch who cemented her fame via the “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” commercials, and her long time squeeze, Tea Cup (Paris Hilton’s glamourous Chihuahua breed) joined in on the manifestation to show support for the #KEEPYOURHANDSOFMYBELLY and #LEAVEMYPOTALONE.


Canción de Amor* _ Modus OpeRANDi, part ii

*… de Jack el Destripador
vía: Rockdrigo González
“El Amor que Yo te Tengo es el de
Reagan a Castro,
el de Somoza a Sandino,
—de Margarita a Galtieri“.

Ladies in Gemeni, the continuing story of Randito Pablito, a.k.a. Senator Rand Paul (R–KY) se tiene que destripar (visceralmente, pues) with the lovely voice of Generalissima Jordan, Elise [One–Each].

So, the story goes that back when little Rand Paul was a little weasel in middle school, the now Distinguished Gentleman from Kentucky used to give his Spanish Middle–school teacher a hard time, of course, as Ewe all know, and might remember, that in those days Corporal Punishment was all the rage at the pricipal’s office. Now, because little Randito was already beginning to show his true LEADERSHIP Colors, little RANDITO WOULD RUN STRAIGHT TO THE Vice-principal’s office, but I bet Ewe’all that Ewe wouldn’t guess why little Randito would seek SANCTUARY at the V.P’s. office?… Anygüey, if any broad could relay this anecdote, Elise Jordan is probably the most qualifyed to narrate it because she used to be Senator’s Rand strategist. We [the staff] are certain that Ms. Jordan certainly played bartender for Senator Paul, many–a–times listening to the Senator’s old “War” Stories.

But first, have you ever wondered what is the definition of an ABBÉ?… Ewe know, an abbé, the jolly-fat figure on those Belgian beers, a Fucking ABBÉ, Abbey.

Let’s ask the latest victim of indiscriminate vandalism pretendiendo ser protesta social o, peor, nuestro muy querido Grafitti, porque indeed, the Streets remain our Favorite Gallery:

En ce qui concerne l’Apocalypse; pg. 21/22:

Vous avez raison, messieurs, envahissez la terre; elle appartient au fort ou à l’habile qui s’empare; vous avez profité des temps d’ignorance, de superstition, de démence, pour nous dépouiller de nos héritages et pour nous fouler à vos pieds, pour vous engraisser de la substance des malheureux: tremblez que le jour de la raison n’arrivez.

François-Marie Arouet
Diccionario Filosófico
Colección de Clásicos Garnier
Imprenta Reliure MAME1967.

Snapshot follows… ¿Qué Hacer?

The following is a Time–Delayed entry
from June 05, 2018.
Institut de France

Tiempo de Híbridos / Ranch Electrónico… o como dicen los franceses: Una Rana con Sinfónica.

En lo que concierne a El Apocalipsis: 

Tienen razón, caballeros, invadan la tierra; pertenece a la fortaleza o al hábil que se la apodera; han aprovechado los tiempos de ignorancia, de superstición, de demencia, de despojarnos de nuestras herencias y de pisotearnos a sus pies, para engordarse de la sustancia de los desafortunados: tiemblan porque el día de la razón no llegue.

Chien dans Le Periph, —en Ingés— follows… ¡bola de putos!

Margarita y Galtieri:

Bah—Oui, Truman Burbank: “Everything is recorded”

Complémént de Affaire, CERFA n° 13473*01
Line five out of six

But first: The News:

Slovenian mannequin… TimeStamp: 11h30 In CET. }–—–~~~\*>   Some say that it was because of the first lady, others that it was because of the first daughter, cynics and semiologists seem to agree that it was in fact, “bad television”  the kind of stuff that the mayority of people don’t want to be reminded of, you know; stuff like trains rounding and carring off the jews (mostly) into the guarded  compunds where men, women and children would be separated forever. Donald Trump is a reality television producer, and he—and—he alone arrived to the conclussion that even Dr. Goebbles would understand that the audio tapes of crying toddlers asking for their parents, and euphamisms for concentration camps with nomenclatures such as,  “tender age shelters”  was just really–really–really bad television because it turned off a lot of the people that thought that they could not get enough of  Donald Trump and the greatest reality tv show on the face of a dying planet. In any case scenario, we [the] staff, would like to point our that we dig’ her stance on her husband’s cruel and unusual policies, and would like to take this opportunity to also add a Slovenia’n National dress on one of John DeAndrea’s nude mannequins, just in case he (Donald Trump) forgot that his wife got into The United States —and stayed— by any means necessary… including fornicating with a man like him.

TimeStamp: 180 minutes to Summer Solstice in Central Europe Time.

We are now officially in Summer Time countdown, this year, the longest day of the year was shortened by two-hours—truly Trino*, the terrorist have won. Last year and the year before, the Fiesta de la Música in Paris went until 2 a.m., for the 2018 edition la juerga corre hasta la media noche… Now, Ewe don’t have to go home, but Ewe can’t stay over yonder near the corner where i sleep, eh…

Coming up: Fake News vS. Media P.I., starring Laurène Loctin and Aude Favre. 

TimeStamp: 9 minutes for France opportunity for a SHOT at winning for the first time on Russian soil; it’s not Winter, so the odds, Napoléon, are looking swell.

18h43 in Central Europe Time

19h04… Huh, who would have thunk it, FIP went on Strike and cancelled the Fiesta de La Musica. It seems that “La comadre Lety” y el resto de los Technicians no estan de acuerdo con el contrato colectivo y cerraron el changarro… por otro lado, solo a unos periodistas se les puede ocurrir programar un debate sobre “fake news” cuando la música y el Sol suena y calienta afuera de La Canopée à Châtelet. En fin.

… al salir de la Canopée y El Fake News Colloque era el minuto 84’

Croacia 2 – Argentina… LA CONCHA DE TU MADRE!!!

Minuto 90’

Croacia 3 – Diego Llora.

3 minutos de compensación

Croacia 3 — Argentina 0

BROZOvic entra a la cancha y argentina se regresa a Buenos Aires en un Vuelo De AEROMÉXICO.

TimeStamp: 21h52 in Central Europe Time!!!

Oh, The Humanity!!!

In other topics, it’s handicapable month at La Canopée, tonight’s Fake News —information— session was geared toward the hearing impaired, Media p.i. is what one might call a information clearinghouse for the deaf.

It turns out, from what we [the] staff could gather from our kindergarden level French, that aside from the professional peddlers of sucker media juice for the brain dead, it is that the motherfucking subtitles on BFM TV —por decir— that are all out of wack; no wonder my French is all, let’s just say —twisted. I tried to learn the language of love and diplomacy through the BeFeMer’s closed captioning system and all i got as feedback from the locals was a kick in the ass and a persona non—grata card. THANK’s BFM!!! Youg Fucks!

TimeStamp: Dust in the wind at Dauphine Square, at « Paire & Fils » with a Fender Strat and Trumpet sounding at sunset… followed by: Marie’s her name. 22h35.

22h50 My favorite Square in Paris… Carolina graces this place and the mood is all BARBARA: Black Eagle / L’Aigle Noir. En voz, de Joël Dalle, quien arremetió con « Pour un flirt… comme toi »… de un tal Michel… 75006 Rue Mazarine / Rue de Seine.

23 HUNDRED HOURS!!!  HAWAII 5-0 at the other end of Rue Mazarine entronque con Rue Gueneguad… music by a an all Brass Band with Tri-tom… they follow with THE CURE mash-up!!! A mash-up Ewe’All!

Le Lion est mort ce soir, versión POW WOW, con 4 tubas y un chingo de fierros… No LLORES POR MI argentina—follows.

23h25 Place d’Acadie… CHAVOS RUCOS!!!

The What? — The Who… puto!!! Don’t be FOOLED AGAIN!… 23:30. THE EXODUS IS HERE!

The What? — The Who… puto!!! Don’t be FOOLED AGAIN! }—–—~~~\*>  for follow-up visit: EelPieBand on their fucking facebook page… Ewe get a freebie, Zuckerberg.

23h45… Can Ewe see The REAL ME, Brontis?


… fuck the curfew: 00:39 Rue l’arbre sec … « do the walk of life »…

Note from Fenster the COPY–Editor:
This entry was corrected for dangling participles.

Las Fuentes de doña Vilma:

Like an X-Ray… ISSY, Corazón—Eye Hear Madrid ah–Knocking; what i don’t Know is if la 6éme bureau à Cité et moi, See “i 2 i”, can Ewe smell what this Rock is cooking?

Wait for it, wait…


Ladies in Gemeni, Ewer attention, please:

Please be advised that as your most inconsequential source for news, dark humor and of course cross-media « “informayion,” our Sunday Night Jazz Entry (from the night before) was REARRANGED for DANGLING PARTICIPLES —just a few missing beats and notes— here and there that needed a bar to rest in some of the paragraphs.

Do keep in mind that we type this most inconsequential blog in almost three similar yet very different languages, and on two different styles of keyboard; one being the dreaded “azerty” and the other, ladies in Gemeni being the one invented by The French: the celebrated « qwerty »… or something like that.

There is however, one silver lining to this written post and it revolves around the fact that neither:

Media Pi !, Walter Ryce, Aude Favre, Clint « motherfucking Eastwood, John Oliver, the one and only Madame Hidalgo à La Mairie de Paris, and Tipper « P Motherfucking RC » Gore

are ever going to read this most inconsequential blog, eh!

TimeStamp: Cinco para las Once in Central Europe Time.

Dear, John Heilemann,

In the words of Jimmy Kimmel: I can’t believe that Ewe are fucking Matt Damon! —No, wait, that’s for a different ho… ho… Host! Yes, that last statement is for a different host; anygüey, we are sorry, very sorry that Oui, oh but yes—Heilemann— that we [the staff] ran out of dangling participles to include Ewer take in Real Time with ‘werewolf’ Maher.

Sorry, we’ll fit Ewe in next time, nice duo mic on your Sonny Crocket lapel, though, Anygüey catch Ewe at a French Bistro or at another patrimony site for humanity according to the UNESCO, or some .org like that, eh!

TimeStamp: Fleetwood Mac or some Guardian of « our » Galaxie, eh!

…but right now, Heilemann, we [the staff] must turn into werewolfs: Valerie is over La Seine Airwaves.

TimeStamp: 4h20 in C.E.T. — mean While, it’s the 11th Hour in Korean Standard Time

La Gallerie and “therestricted news weekly from Monterey (casi esquina con Clint Eastwood à Carmel By The Sea) dear Walter Ryce: is now open, Govenor on H[o]BOwait for it, WAIT!

Domingo 10 de junio de 2018
“Trump se llevó el balón y dijo: ya no juegan…”
La Jornada.

Dear, Mairie de Paris (I.T. section) perhaps, Rachel Maddow didn’t stress (back when Vlad “el” Putin was rigging the 2016 election) the importance that a little internet site, a growing repository of information —actually!!!— has in the age of misinformation; i mean —Mayor Hidalgo— i get it, i really—really do, if the French didn’t invent it or had a hand in shaping it then it doesn’t exist, but just for the show–and–tell properties of the next screen-capture and the Cross–Media–Tangents* that arrived via the Merkel Team at the Canadian Grand Prix that arrived via Chancellor Angela Merkel’s staff at the G7 Summit in Canada, please do consider the words of  the mother of the American President as relayed by a source at Vanity Fair before she died; AND, the body language of a now infamous petulant pose of Donald Trump in front of the German Chancellor and the rest of his pollitically charged equals; additionally, factor in the unintended NON-Political statement  of an American Icon currently on display at one of your city’s gallerys on the 6ème Arrondissement. I mean Ms. Hidalgo (sure, i could address you as Madman, o mismo, bien me pudiese dirijir a usted como Señora alcaldeza) but may i keep this informal? Of course i can. My point is that your computers at las Bibliotecas de París shouldn’t be hi-jacking; or worst, censuring the flow of genuine archival information. So please don’t make me find the hidden key that every lock has in it’s inventory when i have the need to do my job (even if i don’t get paid). Sorry, Mr,. Macron for opening a gallery that is normally closed on Sunday’s, but we took this avenue of approach in-so-far as to arrive, or rather  for the sake of knowing what your American colleague’s Mother thought of that son of Fred Christ Trump (…in all of our blasphemous trips) we [the staff] never thought that CHRIST WOULD BECOME —in this context— worst than The SON OF a Trump (or a Bitch) we [the staff] note this because the MacCleod’s seem to be alright… FUCK The Trumps and their fucking lineage! }—-—~~~\*>  NOTE FROM STAFF: The Cutline in this frame  has been REDACTADA for DANGLING PARTICIPLES, at 09h50  on a Monday morning of June the 11th 2018… in C.E.T.

Dear, Govner: context follows!

… Right now it’s time for Sunday Night Jazz and the good thing about it is that the Frogs don’t have a National Public Radio. TimeStamp: 19h00 in Central Europe Time (from a biblioteca)…

And Now
Selecciones del Reader’s Digress
A Case in Point for Madame La Alcaldesa de Las Bibliotecas de París:

Forward: the good thing about this most inconsequential blog is that Media Pi! nor, Aude Favre, an indie journo —Ewe’all— monitors this most non–consequential blog, because if they ever would, they would have to consider if the Wayback Machine is a worthy archival tool available over the WWW intertubes, and which definetly doesn’t need nor deserve the Tipper Gore treatment from La Mairie de Paris Bibliothèques cyber police.

Fake News or Neta Info à La Fontaine de Les Halles?

… and now, without futher to do, a bit of visual context… remember Govner, all of this started when the First Daughter published a most amazing, a most fabuleuse picture of her motherly blessings and pleasures outings with her baby just as the world was learning of 1500 children that had gone missing because the Federal Goverment in National Public Radio land — lost TRACK of them… sorry NPR, i really do dig you, you are right there next to “the” C-SPANS, but you kind of handed the country away to Chicken Hawks and Right Wing Pundits; and in the words of the most iconic idiot in American Films “that is all that i’m going to say”.

TimeStamp: 4h20 in CET and right now it’s the 11th Hour in Korean Standard Time.

ONCE AGAIN GOVENOR, this Sunday Night Jazz Entry was REARRANGED for DANGLING PARTICIPLES —just a few missing beats and notes— that needed a bar in some of the paragraphs… Do keep in mind that we type this most inconsequential blog in almost three languages, and two different styles of keyboard; one being the dreaded “azerty” and the other the one invented by The French: the celebrated « qwerty »… or something like that.