P.S.A. from the Producers — in France

2nd Round postponed, SOL Cerveza reports:

Round Girl Geneviève de Paris

Round Girl Geneviève de Paris is on it .::. 16849D55-78B2-46D0-8528-B753FC3DF317 📐 And, “les compagnons de Notre Dame” are keeping the score on the bout, Round One showed a decline of voters at the polls, but then Again, the Sun was out last Sunday and nothing, EYE Said NOTHING, can get in between los Panamegnos y su Sol. 🌞

… Meanwhile in Savannah, Georgia, “What’d EYE say”, said “Buddy” the congressman: don’t worry Senator Paul, [we, the Capitol Hill gang] have the best medical system in the world, — next to T.H.E.M. players of the NBA, of course. Besides, senator, Paul (R–KY jelly) youse like a Super Über Mensch Man, or something like that! Enjoy yo’self senator you’is from Kentucky, AND THAT D.A.T., MOTHERFUCKER, is Moscow Mitch Territory. So you, Senator Paul, Rand [one–each] have nothing to worry about, as a matter of fact, keep holding the relief trillion$$$ for the good people who sit on them DELTA airlines executive boards, and fuck the rest of the people who don’t read PABLO NERUDA  like your fine self¹.

Anyhow, Alicia Menendez, please don’t drown in a pool of coodies like the Purple Pundit did, we couldn’t stand Curly Circus Clown taking over your show. Now don’t get u.s. wrong and please, please, please, PLEASE; please don’t let Mí bee misunderstood, öüï like Curly Heilemann, but still, don’t go getting coodies in the coming days, besides, the programming gods found a güey to fit in the “Waiting Room”, and in « yellow » no less, what follows, a bunch of Mexicans waiting on a court decision just so that they won’t stop dreaming? Now that, would be a heck of a parallèle.

Do it again

Do it again .::. BB431667-CD62-4B53-A31B-9FB825CB57B2 ⚖️ For the record, this will be the second time since December (when a general strike CANCELLED our audience at the Admin Tribunal of Paris) that we have had to make sure that our “mémoire draft” is not trashed by the system; in addition, we are arguing that this audience would not have had to be present in our [Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto] life, if the Préfecture at Cité would have provided an official seal stating that my professional credentials (which were stolen) are a true copy of the original documents, —initially presented at The French Consulate in Los Angeles, California. 📐 So yeah, quite a parallel with them Dreamers in El Ey, wouldn’t you say? Florence Cassez.


NOTE to Editors at POLITICS NATION and The Joe Scarborough Show, please bee advised that the following recap of today’s Presidential COVID-19 Victory Tour at The White House is a follow-up from yesterday’s (for entertainment purposes SATUR[N]THEYS) Evening Post.

Llamas are being evacuated by The Trump Administration from LIMA, PERU; Alpacas in Lima, O•H•I•O• are perplexed on how this will affect the alpaca wool sweater sales people who work on commission (next to the Peruvian flute playing ensembles across Chuck Todd’s Nation) and will not be seeing any donations for the cover hits that the Peruvian flute playing ensembles play at the markets where alpaca wool products are sold. America, what a country, you are so easy to forecast; and we [the staff] are not even trying.

Time Now, it is 23h30 in Central NATO Times.

And in Babylon 2, Nicolle Wallace made a cameo appearance on the Ali Velshi Show, of course, this happened after midnight (in CET) and the pundit appeared… with a Whiter Shade of Pale than her usual self, but after drowning in a pool of coodies what else could the viewers expect. The alternative version of this news-bite is that Nicolle is now a Vampire and she needs to bring her blood supply to a higher dose, so… if you have it, DONATE; and if you are undocumented in the U.S. and have symptoms of the “war time flu”, get checked, it’s o.k. because The Surgeon General of The United States reassured the immigrant population that the I.C.E. goons won’t be there to harass you, or your loved ones. Other than D.A.T., the daily Donald Trump “my pussy hurts” show was as usual, “a word salad”, just like Ali Velshi « channeled ».

Canción de Amor* _ Modus OpeRANDi, part ii

*… de Jack el Destripador
vía: Rockdrigo González
“El Amor que Yo te Tengo es el de
Reagan a Castro,
el de Somoza a Sandino,
—de Margarita a Galtieri“.

Ladies in Gemeni, the continuing story of Randito Pablito, a.k.a. Senator Rand Paul (R–KY) se tiene que destripar (visceralmente, pues) with the lovely voice of Generalissima Jordan, Elise [One–Each].

So, the story goes that back when little Rand Paul was a little weasel in middle school, the now Distinguished Gentleman from Kentucky used to give his Spanish Middle–school teacher a hard time, of course, as Ewe all know, and might remember, that in those days Corporal Punishment was all the rage at the pricipal’s office. Now, because little Randito was already beginning to show his true LEADERSHIP Colors, little RANDITO WOULD RUN STRAIGHT TO THE Vice-principal’s office, but I bet Ewe’all that Ewe wouldn’t guess why little Randito would seek SANCTUARY at the V.P’s. office?… Anygüey, if any broad could relay this anecdote, Elise Jordan is probably the most qualifyed to narrate it because she used to be Senator’s Rand strategist. We [the staff] are certain that Ms. Jordan certainly played bartender for Senator Paul, many–a–times listening to the Senator’s old “War” Stories.

But first, have you ever wondered what is the definition of an ABBÉ?… Ewe know, an abbé, the jolly-fat figure on those Belgian beers, a Fucking ABBÉ, Abbey.

Let’s ask the latest victim of indiscriminate vandalism pretendiendo ser protesta social o, peor, nuestro muy querido Grafitti, porque indeed, the Streets remain our Favorite Gallery:

En ce qui concerne l’Apocalypse; pg. 21/22:

Vous avez raison, messieurs, envahissez la terre; elle appartient au fort ou à l’habile qui s’empare; vous avez profité des temps d’ignorance, de superstition, de démence, pour nous dépouiller de nos héritages et pour nous fouler à vos pieds, pour vous engraisser de la substance des malheureux: tremblez que le jour de la raison n’arrivez.

François-Marie Arouet
Diccionario Filosófico
Colección de Clásicos Garnier
Imprenta Reliure MAME1967.

Snapshot follows… ¿Qué Hacer?

The following is a Time–Delayed entry
from June 05, 2018.
Institut de France

Tiempo de Híbridos / Ranch Electrónico… o como dicen los franceses: Una Rana con Sinfónica.

En lo que concierne a El Apocalipsis: 

Tienen razón, caballeros, invadan la tierra; pertenece a la fortaleza o al hábil que se la apodera; han aprovechado los tiempos de ignorancia, de superstición, de demencia, de despojarnos de nuestras herencias y de pisotearnos a sus pies, para engordarse de la sustancia de los desafortunados: tiemblan porque el día de la razón no llegue.

Chien dans Le Periph, —en Ingés— follows… ¡bola de putos!

Margarita y Galtieri: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massacre_of_Margarita_Bel%C3%A9n

Modus OpeRANDi… Roll Over Neruda, Tell Dostoyevsky The News

en capítulos anteriores:
Kentucky Windage with the Paul’s

For the Record. “My plan will not impose a national ID card or mandatory E-Verify, forcing businesses to become policemen.” Said a Latino-loving Senator, Rand Paul (R–KY), in 2013  to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The following must be read
in a Generalissima Jordan’s voice.

But first, it’s 03 hundred hours in Central NATO Time—time to check out TRMS, hey, Raquelito! Still out fishing?

— You betcha’, responded our favorite Purple Pundit, Nicolle Wallace, however, —she went on to say— Raquelito will be back tomorrow no doubt with some really really big fish stories.

Anygüey, it’s been a couple of increasingly Dog Day Afternoon’s since we [the staff] promised you, people who never read this most inconsequential blog, a screen grab of the good Senator from the Great State of Ft. Knox speech to a bunch of Mexican–Americans; and probably to a bucket-load of Cuban–Americans; perhaps a couple of Colombian, Chilenean and Costa RicanAmericans también who probably took Spanish classes in High-school and, [as Cheech Marin put it best] got a motherfucking* “b” so here it goes.

* emphasis is all ours.

If General George C. Scott lived, He would command the seeing half of Col. Frank Slate to take a “FLAMETHROWER” to Fort Knox and level that Golden Training Site and then head over to Churchill Downs and bet on a horse named Tango/Alpha/November/Kilo… General Abrams is fo’Damn–sure rolling in his grave and not necessarily in the cadence of how the Army Goes Rolling Along, no sir.

Tango–Sierra: 06 hundred hours, keep your squelch–on, the staff is going to get some shut-eye, in the mean time, the purple pundit –it seems– is a fan of the Bruce Willis  voice–over, who would have thunk it, eh?

The Russian soul is a dark place. Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

You got it! ScreenShot follows…

Good Morning.  Buenas Tardes.
En París faltan tres minutos para saber que hemos aprendido hoy, ‘al filo‘ de las  3:00  4:00 de la tarde:

The Promised Land. | Uso justo de todos los 'multimedios®", los FIP's y de el regreso de las memorias nixonianas del Rock and Roll.

The Promised Land. | Uso justo de todos los ‘multimedios®”, los FIP’s y de el regreso de las memorias nixonianas del Rock and Roll.

        Mañana [en México] es el mes de La Guadalupana, Los Paisanos y por supuesto la chingada navidad. En Alemania por cierto, a “el viejo de la danza” le dicen Krampus, y según un diario del nuevo reino de Brexit, [El Independiente] se reportó que ese personaje de folclor entregó a México el regalo que el ESTADO de Chihuahua venía necesitando desde hace por lo menos tres gobernadores [ya]. Según el cotidiano inglés, Heckler & Koch¹ ya no va a suministrar metralletas y ARTICULOS EXCLUSIVOS del EJERCITO y de las FUERZAS ARMADAS, a gobiernos corruptos —o mismo— a países que en pleno Siglo XXI continúan teniendo problemas con aquellas cosas que van con la llamada ‘democracia’. But speaking about broken democracias, in 1971 [acording to Mika on Morning Joe’s show] President Nixon told his staff that he was going to treat the press with a lot of contempt… In the Phillippines, unconfirmed reports are saying that President Duterte is threatening to kill human rights activistas critical of his drug war [context might follow, if that report turns out to be true].


… Tu-tu-ruh_tu-ruh ♪♪♪ … Hey Mika, don’t let Dr. Dean* short-change the “first global generation” with revised history soundbites. | TimeStamp 12:30 [CET]. || WAIT WHAT!? A possible solution to solve the North Korea/Ukraine dockets, is for we [The USA] to do a reverse-missle crisis with Japan and Poland.  Oh, the humanityfor more information please tweet Gen. Hayden**. ||| Tan-tah-rah_rahhhh it’s the Reince Priebus report: Steven Mnuchin is going to  goose-step  waltz into Wall Street; conflicts of interests with Donald Trumps reluctance to set his businesses in a blind trust continue, his ‘awesome’ kids are on top of things; RIGHT NOW, Priebus is doing the Far-Away Girl bit, with the “I can’t answer that right now”. Right Now is the AMERICAN CONSUMER, stupid—not the social fabric or THE PEOPLE… and frog legs, lots and lots of frog legs at the Second Donald Trump/Romney dinner [from last night].  IV Hey Haley… want to  get a coffee cup? Really, get a ceramic mug—Global Warming is a mutha… and don’t listen to that guy next to Mika [skip the frog legs—go for the Oysters].

Today is Wednesday, the Last Latter Day of November of 2016.
GodSpeed in North Carolina, Rev. Barber— GodSpeed.
in Spanish that transliterates to: ¡Hasta La Victoria Siempre! 

or something like that!


So… while the staff sets up the ol’ Percolator
and then, prepare the next
Uso Justo de Todos los Medios screen-shot,
Do say hello to the former advisor to a Pablo Neruda Aficionado:
Sen. Rand Paul…[internet archive  follows  ].

Little -by- Little “…said a little girl named Joyce  [living in Malawi] on The Last Word.

[context from a pay-wall from the Washington Wire over at the WSJ]...

Kentucky Windage: [context from a pay-wall from the Washington Wire over at the WSJ, follows]… en lo que voy-vengo-a-los_InterWebs—Archives, por favor díganle al Wall Street Journal que se meta su pay-wall por “Donde no Brilla El Sol“. De paso, señor Rand Paul: Las boquitas cerradas son para los callados que bueno que no le hizo caso a su maestra [y que culero] que conspirara con el marido de ella para que no lo castigaran; mejor le hubiera leído [al la susodicha] al  tal “Gabrielle García Borjes”. 

Fuentes sin orden siguen: Hoy aprendí que hace un año —En Monterrey— arrollaron al ‘Viejo de la Danza’… y que en las noticas de hoy, en los llamados “MULTIMEDIOS” de esa región MAL INTERPRETAN el hecho de que DONALD TRUMP “deja” su imperio para ser presidente. La Realidad señores, señoras y señoritas de ese medio es de que Donald Trump no ha dejado más que una chingada, todos sus intereses empresariales siguen con su familia mientras él se va a “JALAR” a la casa blanca… “¡Hay, RaaaaZA!!!”. El conflicto de intereses entre sus millones personales y los quilates en Fort Knox [Kentucky, por cierto] aún están péndulos; pero sí, tienen ustedes mucha razón, Donaldito está llenando su gabinete con puro gandalla empresarial.

MESTA, D.,  http ://www .multimedios .com /telediario /en-alerta /hombre -atropella -danzantes -y -viejo .html :