Ladies in Gemeni, Ewer attention, please:

Please be advised that as your most inconsequential source for news, dark humor and of course cross-media « “informayion,” our Sunday Night Jazz Entry (from the night before) was REARRANGED for DANGLING PARTICIPLES —just a few missing beats and notes— here and there that needed a bar to rest in some of the paragraphs.

Do keep in mind that we type this most inconsequential blog in almost three similar yet very different languages, and on two different styles of keyboard; one being the dreaded “azerty” and the other, ladies in Gemeni being the one invented by The French: the celebrated « qwerty »… or something like that.

There is however, one silver lining to this written post and it revolves around the fact that neither:

Media Pi !, Walter Ryce, Aude Favre, Clint « motherfucking Eastwood, John Oliver, the one and only Madame Hidalgo à La Mairie de Paris, and Tipper « P Motherfucking RC » Gore

are ever going to read this most inconsequential blog, eh!

TimeStamp: Cinco para las Once in Central Europe Time.

Dear, John Heilemann,

In the words of Jimmy Kimmel: I can’t believe that Ewe are fucking Matt Damon! —No, wait, that’s for a different ho… ho… Host! Yes, that last statement is for a different host; anygüey, we are sorry, very sorry that Oui, oh but yes—Heilemann— that we [the staff] ran out of dangling participles to include Ewer take in Real Time with ‘werewolf’ Maher.

Sorry, we’ll fit Ewe in next time, nice duo mic on your Sonny Crocket lapel, though, Anygüey catch Ewe at a French Bistro or at another patrimony site for humanity according to the UNESCO, or some .org like that, eh!

TimeStamp: Fleetwood Mac or some Guardian of « our » Galaxie, eh!

…but right now, Heilemann, we [the staff] must turn into werewolfs: Valerie is over La Seine Airwaves.

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