Roll over Shakespeare and tell Cervantes to move.

TimeStamp: 19 Hundred Hours
on a Mexican Pirate Radio dial
in Central NATO Time.

Roll Over “el bard–oh”… Akira is here

_and of course Ewe’all know that the following must be read in a Gene “Cisco Kid” Wilder voice:

People who know, dice un comercial en “los” MSNBC’s, “know BDO”… we too, mister, we the peoples of Rockridge know BoDyOdor, pretty damn well, heck, we [the staff] wouldn’t roll into battle without the whiff of Mango and a bit of “Eau de Buffalo*”.

Cruzando Las Cruces está Truth and Consequences y (el) Pueblo, White Sands — lest Ewe forget that, mi “rey” Lear.

* That’s a Rosanne quote Y’all,
But not the dear Rosannadana,
no, not her, but rather Bill Maher’s pal
over at the Barr’s clan.

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