In today’s Spectacle:
Who stoned Roger Pipeline’s frames? Seriously, Donnie Deutsch‽ Who d’FuNk stoned Mr. Wiki Pipeline’s frames?
but speaking of pipes, and not the fun kind (if Ewe, Willie Geist know what Eye mean, said Cousin Joe on his morning show).
in Tejas, Donald Trump wants to play full commando Netanyahu with kids that might throw stones at the soldiers that he, as President of the United States, is misplacing along that stretch.
On the minute–man front, you low–level hicks at the O.K. Corral should totally be able to recall that time in recent History (less than 100 years) when the leader with a loud-speaker invented a threat for his fucking Sheeple; heck, we [the staff] reckon that Mika Breziznski, wont let us lie, if Mika Brezizinski was at her post.

Anygüey, Mika would tell ewe Circus Animals that the last time that a demagogue invented an international threat to “his” way of life, Mika’s dad ended up being Alfredo Jalife’s worst nightmare. And then, a lot of Poles had to leave Poland; skurwysyn! WtF is up with that Cletus. Wasn’t your motherfucking “brand” of History,  while vacationing in Europe? It went kind of like this:

that your ”Grand Daddy” saved Europe from the PEOPLE THAT IS SUPPORTING DONALD “kurwa” Trump, right fucking now‽

What da’fuck is in you gun-powder? Are Ewe fuckers wearing a mask when you fucking idiots are re-loading your bullets‽

Or, have you cowboys become that Enemy from Within, The Enemy that your “grand daddy” warned Ewe fucking idiots about, don’t lie Cleatus!!! Are Ewe fuckers goose–Stepping out of step—and—out of time. Cows, you fucking Boys, have more courage and sense than y’all.

America is out of step and The Poles are talking… in New York is 06.20 in the a.m. dial and in Paris it’s only the 11th hour.

Sammy sang it best “Ewe miss a beat—EWE LOSE “el ritmo” and Eugene Robinson will tell ya’all… “that’s not really the Bossa Nova.

Armando Álvarez explains in the next segment with the help of “the” household name in America (sin acento), but right now: it’s all about THE RAGE!!!

TimeStamp: 14.20 in Central NATO Time
Ed’s note:
Fenster the copy editor
rearranged some icons and symbols on this page.

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