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La Gallerie and “therestricted news weekly from Monterey (casi esquina con Clint Eastwood à Carmel By The Sea) dear Walter Ryce: is now open, Govenor on H[o]BOwait for it, WAIT!

Domingo 10 de junio de 2018
“Trump se llevó el balón y dijo: ya no juegan…”
La Jornada.

Dear, Mairie de Paris (I.T. section) perhaps, Rachel Maddow didn’t stress (back when Vlad “el” Putin was rigging the 2016 election) the importance that a little internet site, a growing repository of information —actually!!!— has in the age of misinformation; i mean —Mayor Hidalgo— i get it, i really—really do, if the French didn’t invent it or had a hand in shaping it then it doesn’t exist, but just for the show–and–tell properties of the next screen-capture and the Cross–Media–Tangents* that arrived via the Merkel Team at the Canadian Grand Prix that arrived via Chancellor Angela Merkel’s staff at the G7 Summit in Canada, please do consider the words of  the mother of the American President as relayed by a source at Vanity Fair before she died; AND, the body language of a now infamous petulant pose of Donald Trump in front of the German Chancellor and the rest of his pollitically charged equals; additionally, factor in the unintended NON-Political statement  of an American Icon currently on display at one of your city’s gallerys on the 6ème Arrondissement. I mean Ms. Hidalgo (sure, i could address you as Madman, o mismo, bien me pudiese dirijir a usted como Señora alcaldeza) but may i keep this informal? Of course i can. My point is that your computers at las Bibliotecas de París shouldn’t be hi-jacking; or worst, censuring the flow of genuine archival information. So please don’t make me find the hidden key that every lock has in it’s inventory when i have the need to do my job (even if i don’t get paid). Sorry, Mr,. Macron for opening a gallery that is normally closed on Sunday’s, but we took this avenue of approach in-so-far as to arrive, or rather  for the sake of knowing what your American colleague’s Mother thought of that son of Fred Christ Trump (…in all of our blasphemous trips) we [the staff] never thought that CHRIST WOULD BECOME —in this context— worst than The SON OF a Trump (or a Bitch) we [the staff] note this because the MacCleod’s seem to be alright… FUCK The Trumps and their fucking lineage! }—-—~~~\*>  NOTE FROM STAFF: The Cutline in this frame  has been REDACTADA for DANGLING PARTICIPLES, at 09h50  on a Monday morning of June the 11th 2018… in C.E.T.

Dear, Govner: context follows!

… Right now it’s time for Sunday Night Jazz and the good thing about it is that the Frogs don’t have a National Public Radio. TimeStamp: 19h00 in Central Europe Time (from a biblioteca)…

And Now
Selecciones del Reader’s Digress
A Case in Point for Madame La Alcaldesa de Las Bibliotecas de París:

Forward: the good thing about this most inconsequential blog is that Media Pi! nor, Aude Favre, an indie journo —Ewe’all— monitors this most non–consequential blog, because if they ever would, they would have to consider if the Wayback Machine is a worthy archival tool available over the WWW intertubes, and which definetly doesn’t need nor deserve the Tipper Gore treatment from La Mairie de Paris Bibliothèques cyber police.

Fake News or Neta Info à La Fontaine de Les Halles?

… and now, without futher to do, a bit of visual context… remember Govner, all of this started when the First Daughter published a most amazing, a most fabuleuse picture of her motherly blessings and pleasures outings with her baby just as the world was learning of 1500 children that had gone missing because the Federal Goverment in National Public Radio land — lost TRACK of them… sorry NPR, i really do dig you, you are right there next to “the” C-SPANS, but you kind of handed the country away to Chicken Hawks and Right Wing Pundits; and in the words of the most iconic idiot in American Films “that is all that i’m going to say”.

TimeStamp: 4h20 in CET and right now it’s the 11th Hour in Korean Standard Time.

ONCE AGAIN GOVENOR, this Sunday Night Jazz Entry was REARRANGED for DANGLING PARTICIPLES —just a few missing beats and notes— that needed a bar in some of the paragraphs… Do keep in mind that we type this most inconsequential blog in almost three languages, and two different styles of keyboard; one being the dreaded “azerty” and the other the one invented by The French: the celebrated « qwerty »… or something like that.

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