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Tú the moon, and nevermind the Mano pachona.

It was bound to happen, one day I reckon Brian Williams would have to walk into the sunset and go the way of Ronald McDonald™, “just let the contract expire and hope he shows his way to the door,” said the top brass at the peacock lounge, “maybe Nobody, will notice,” added Joe “wardrobe malfunction” Scarborough.

Either this woman had sex with
COUNT Dracula,
or she is a
en FOX News.

The square fangs are a dead give-a-guey.

1915 🎬 D. W. Griffith’s controversial 🎞️ film 🎞️ The Birth of a Nation 🌌 premieres in 🔭 Los Angeles (8 de febrero).

“What the people of the government (POG) want is flashing flesh on cable tv,” argued Scarborough as that son of a bitch belittled Williams’es signature Zingers, ese, and that’s no lie D.A.R.E..

The most annoying part of the spectacle was Scarborough’s nasal voice overs of WWII propaganda at THE REX. Mocking with Évry reel at the big screen the fast-paced witty commentary from the former 11th hour ⚓ anchor, which that dumb Southern 🧐 cracker-barrel 🧑‍🌾 grits eatin’ lawyer 🎩, from Floribama on the Morning Mika Show always wanted to hold in contempt 🧑🏻‍⚖️.

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In Local news, it’s 🇨🇵 National Sports Day in France and over at RFPP . NET 🇵🇪 Osler Amaro is featuring the re-transmission of a guignol show from un Castillo en El Perú… after squeezing all of the toothpaste from its tube, Osler is trying to put the Floride back into the case.

Over at la bendita Bpi, black suits, those cock suckers, 🕴️had the Gall, France… The Gall, I tell Ya’, to have an entire cue of bookworms, winos and freaks waiting for an hour in the freezing cold, if it was Brasil… outside of the Beaubourg on the Green line only to be told 30 minutes after opening hours that they, the Black Suit Cocksuckers Union, might open at 16h. And with the charm of a French turd plopping on the Throne, Évry body clapped 🤜👏👏👏.

Well, as expected, The Black Suit Cocksuckers Union delivered, at exactly 15h55 them cocksuckers replaced the “maybe 1600h” with a here, take this Legion of Honor and Shut the Fuck up… and here’s a secret Lorne Michael doesn’t want you to Zzzzz.

2011 – 🇹🇳 Arab Spring: The first wave of the 🇪🇬 Egyptian revolution culminates in the resignation of 🎩 Hosni Mubarak 🇹🇳 and the transfer of power to the 🎩 Supreme 🇹🇳 Military 💶  Council after 17 days of protests.

Mientras tanto en 🇧🇴 Bolivia, el Festival de 🎬 Cine de Los Derechos Humanos, —en film 🎥, any how, emprendió la huída a 🇨🇵 Francia motivados, quizás, por el aniversario del Triunfo de 🇹🇳 La Primavera Árabe (Tunisia, 2011) en un documental, dicho triunfo de la Primavera Árabe inspiró el Triunfo de Los Ciudadanos 🇨🇵 Por La Paz 🇲🇽 Con Justicia ⚖️ Dignidad (en un 📼 documental, también) en la Primavera del 2011 en frente de la Bendita Torre Eiffel. That industry of “los Derechos humanos”, by the way, is in its Silent Stage, y con El Ojo Enchilado.

Trou 🕳️ to form, Öüï caught up with The 11th Hour in CET earlier to They and caught Pundita Bonita cheating on her assignment and more specifically, outsourcing her homework to a FOX News junkie. But that’s alright because she showed some Shin 🦿 on her Show.

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