The Real Havana Syndrome, with Mehdi Diaz-Reid

Deer, José Díaz-Balart… ‘member them MAR•IE•litos from your cousin’s* Era in Oliver Stone’s “Scareface”? I know that you and the Entire Bacardi bunch do, and Eye will de•magnetize that strip in a few on account that right now it’s time to cover the BASES.

Camilo Cienfuegos is on Vacation, ISSY, Camilo is munching on the mound. Anyhow, celebrations over at The Copacabana Hotel and Casino were cut short after some guy named HenRi blew Lola off the stage. Trou Story, LINSEY  ReiserEye sees that the Karins started to use Cat 5 wiring to show the path of The Tropics.

*.) You (Sir) are related to El Comandante Castro, right, —Mr. Díaz?

After hours entry: https ://apnews .com /article /entertainment-music-health-arts-and-entertainment-coronavirus-pandemic-4589f049069c3b3f04f1715d85d0bd69 “… [T]his is NOT an emergency.”

As (33) that developed, New York is playing 🦍… i mean playing gorilla. Y’all might recall that King Kong was partying with the Règie at Las Plages de Paris…

And, Sirene… in case (33) you might want to check the Central Europe Time stamp, it’s just The Mexican constitution in Mí. _—•!—!•—_ 1917.  And María Teresa Kumar [🇨🇴., if you don’t believe Mí, you can ask a el “panochón*” de don Venus… [H]e, Venustriano Carranza signed it (with the authorization of Amb. HenRi Lane Wilson), heck, Columbus, New Mexico supplied the INKCien años ago, with 4 de Soledad sin “Chole”.

Across The Atlantic:

En Contexto with the Beaver

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee on Vacations and Appropriations is getting ready to meet in order to figure out why the RTX* trained Afghan Army failed to fight for their own UNOCAL overGwarlords.

DEER, Representative Meeks, from NEW YORK… “imagery!!!” Da’FUCK you talking about? Let’s ASK BLACK SPY:

*.) 84.05 U$D +0.80
Today c
losed: Aug 20, 19:55 EDT
After hours 84.03 −0.020 (0.024%)

The Spy-master must answer in the form of a question:

[RIng… ring… ☎️…]

— Black Spy’s-r-US, Blonde receptionist à l’appareil,  how may I direct your call?

— Hola, Wua•pa! Get me Black Spy, it’s an Emergency.

—Is it urgent?

— Yes it is.

[Cali [🇨🇴. is transferred.  At the other end of the line Black Spy (that motherfucker) left a message that stated that Black Spy was doing like the French do, that motherfucker was on Vacation. In Brazil, no less, Mr. Banderas [🇧🇷.

In Local News, some of the Texas democrats who got the hell out of Dodge and headed over to The Potomac to prevent the Texas Governor attack on voting rights ended their 38-day “stand” against the TEXAS Sponsors of The TALIBAN²38 days. Not to pick on ARIZONA, but it took SPC-4 Tillman, Patrick [one-Each] 38 days  to fill up his MEPS³ Station dossier for Afghanistan.

² December 4th, 1997

³ https ://www .military .com /join-armed-forces /meps-process-requirements.html

MARIEL: https ://fancuba .com /exode-de-mariel/

Note to programmers: as previously stated, this blog is running on fumes (sort’of speak) and, had the month of August not gotten in the way of the very end of July, Eye can promise Ewe that Öüï  would not be aware of the fact that SEAN PENN released FLAG DAY in the same week when the TALIBaaaaaahAN raised theirs, whille wearing Uncle Sam’s TACTICAL uniforms like CHEAP CASUALTIES of GWAR no less, period!

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0097027/

10 de dic

Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos

Cortesía:……………………….. Fair Use of content for the purpose of documenting Mexican social movements desde Francia; ya con la ligera ventaja del tiempo, un cuaderno, los acomodos, y un espejo retrovisor.

El ejercicio del reportaje de investigación permite hacer un catalogo que abocete o quizá llegue a delinear el compromiso, los conflictos y los intereses en algunos interlocutores de movimientos socio-políticos, culturales y en el caso de “las misas de aniversario de la Virgen de Guadalupe”, pues hasta en lo que supone de pilón —la religión.


Una día como ayer, pero de 2012, un grupo de mexicanos convocó “a creyentes, agnósticos y ateos” para interponer, “algún milagro relacionado” con el entonces recién investido Enrique Peña Nieto.

Los inquietos argumentaban en su convocatoria, que “sólo un milagro podría sacar a México del oscuro pozo,” donde yace el país —leía en esos días lo que también fue un montón de Twit’s.

Hoy, 10 de diciembre, Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos y durante la entrega del Premio Nobel en Noruega, una bandera mexicana manchada con sangre nos dice que la situación de inestabilidad en México sigue igual —si no un tanto peor.

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30 de oct – Updated on July 27, 2021

Coulisses d’un cérémonie ≈ …es cosa del otro jueves


Oscar Emilo Californio de Kikapoo

Oscar Emilo Californio de Kikapoo… If you happened to stumble onto this page in the Year 2021 please be advised that the above patrón of Emilio “el indio” Fernández was removed from the TROIS COULEURS site. To remedy the situation i am linking an update on DUNE.

¿Cuántas analogías con México le puedes Exprimir a la portada de Trois Couleurs (ed. 5 de febrero)?

Respuestas (del que escribe):

(ɐun) ןǝʇoɥ ʇsǝdɐpnq puɐɹg  —- https ://www .troiscouleurs .fr /article /dune-denis-villeneuve-trailer
(sop) ʇınʇɐɹg
(sıoɹʇ) sǝɹɐɔso soן ǝp ɐןןınʇɐʇɐʇsǝ ɐן
(oɹʇɐnɔ) ɐɹqo ǝp ouɐɯ ɐן ʎ sɐuıןɐqɯɐq sɐן ‘uóıɔɔnɹʇsuoɔ uǝ ɐɹnʇɔnɹʇsǝ ɐן
(oɔuıɔ) 7161 ǝp oɹǝd ˙˙˙oɹǝɹqǝɟ ǝp oɔuıɔ ןǝ

1. Agatha, personaje de una película de Wes Anderson.
2. … pues a lo mejor no tan gratis, pero con las Reformas, como si lo fuese.
3. Emilio “El Indio” Fernández… El modelo de un Nacionalismo.
4. Las bambalinas, y el proceso del desarrollo usando ganchos.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» lista de los nominados:

1. Reitzer, J., Rouillon, E., Tuillier, L.: “Enquête: Oscars, coulisses d’une cérémonie”. TROIS COULEURS-Le Monde À L’Écran. Published on 25 février, 2014 via: Accessed on October 30, 2014.

2. Rouillion, E.: “The Grand Budapest Hotel: entretien avec Wes Anderson”. TROIS COULEURS – Le Monde À L’Écran. Published on 26 février, 2014 via: Accessed on October 30, 2014.

3. ThinkMexican:

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» Fair use notice:

The image is used for critical purposes in the analysis of news, pop culture and marketing discourse.  Analogies are reasoned as these relate to Mexican historical markers and milestones, while juxtaposed with global current events.