Attention all units… there’s a Red chinche at the museum 🖼️

Chinche spotted at the Picasso Museum in Paris. Visitors are advised to not, Öüï repeats, Tú Knot 🪢 sit yo’fine asses on any cushioned Share.

³~. Blanc no more. You are welcome 🤗


From the electors of, “My Niggas In Paris” and Enrique Peña Nieto, comes the story of Ayotzinapa at El Teatro de Châtelet.

But First: Denis Soula is a fucking Chinche…

There is a Chinche on Deadline, period!

La chinche de Pablo, the most pussy-whooped of the carte blanche 🎺🎺🎺 📎

And here is “Y”: 41:29 (Uhfff!) , 41:31 (Ahaaa!) , 41:33 (Wheau! — facile, eh…) , and then BANG!  42:13³ (AU!… followed by a very disimulado suttle-sounding squirm with an urgent desire to respond in real time) 

³~. She Came In Through the Siren’s Radio exactly when Redd Sonya Mellah y Pella annoncé the album AURORA (punto y coma) on the Act Music & Vision label, featuring Verneri Pajuelas… perdon, Verneri Pohjola’s: FOR THREE

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /carte-blanche-a-ladaniva- 

Sponosored by: “Eye can’t believe it’s not butter“, and the council for the “Friends don’t let friends smoke CBD“… no sea culo y fume mota!

Eye gotcha, bitch!


… news from the Tur is that she is driving, and she don’t care, witnesses heard a “beep beep and beep y yeah”

And, Nicole Deadline… Australia is the Enemy. IBID.

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