Feel Puzzled? Well, Do Ewe, —punk?

Ahora una de, ¡franChutes!


Note to the French Ambassador to The Mexican United States in Xochimilco… please relay to Mr. Jean-Christophe Berjon that in Paris, France (of course) the Sky is broken (Crying 🎸)  and weather calls for a “paraguas” not a fagetty “sombrilla”.

By-that-güey, Mr. Berjon, based on El Excelentísimo Embajador Tweet for the Summer Solstice:


En este primer día de verano, les comparto un hermoso lienzo : “Mujer con una sombrilla” (1866) por Claude Monet. El gran pintor impresionista supo perfectamente resaltar la luz radiante de este temporada del año 🎨

https ://twitter.com /AsvazadourianJP /status/ ?s=20

How do you like my « 🐋 baleines ☔», it’s basically the backbone of Évry motherfucking “sombrilla” and UmbRellas, aussi. Not that your faggety, Mexican Connection en ANNECY last week, or tonight at The UGC Odéon would know anything about, sycophant bastards that they are, They all serve César and his little Oscar rip-off ceremony.

Meanwhile at Olympiades M-14 en Babylon: por nada, Miguel 🇵🇪, por nada.

So you wanna be a fip “photo instagramalist”, eh?, Well say hello to my little friend, Ringo (not that one).


Ask Marie-Antoniette, I was with Saint-Michel at the Concergerie when Saint-Jacques went boom 💥, but I did bump into a  reptiliana, on la rue Serpente, she’s easy to spot because she makes a Brazilian rainforest look like a Canopée and Ewe certainly cannot imagine her ever shaving that muff into the strip of a RATP metro ticket, which coincidentally are in peligro d’extinction. Just like the Brazilian rainforest, Mr. President (not you chug-a-lug… this one¹)

1~. 🇧🇷, Who will be speaking next to that jumping pony Show set-up at Champ’s de Mars.

I Shot Susana Pubeda, but Eye did Knot shoot Da’ de Putin.

Over at Lagrange… Öüï catches up with an ol’amphibian on La Seine.

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