And, Mick… Tu morro never knows

Any how, the last time that The Beatles played across the Universe, Antonio Aguilar opened for them… look it up, it was on the beta test of the P.P.V..


Now she’s just Exxxotic.

Sony records 🎌 by-the-way denied 🍏 Fiona Apple a long and winding-straight line on the NASA probe, but that’s because Sony Music was under the impression that The Yellow Sub was limited to Neptune’s bullshit.

Thank you for stopping by… Fuck you


the monk.

Entoncés, Roger Pérez, más putos que los franceces nomás tu sábras:

Asso. 1901 approved… Fume mota no chingaderas. Toe to toe, youse just a little latin pet of Christophoro and Tony Palma at Emmaüs… if you want to get stoned just say so. You people (the French) are worst than Chuck Berry at la sacrosant BHV… but then the first thing that you do is stick your pinkie finger on your new-born to seal your precious Republic.

What’s next a fucking Saudi with his faggety flag on the rear window? How fucking cholo of Ewes.

Motherfucking Saudi goons can afford a Cadillac but know nothing about them Dayton’s… punk ass mercenaries.

If you wanna get stoned, come and get me. Bola de putos. I only ask that you make such encounter face-to-face and toe-to-toe… 🔥🇸🇦🔥

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