And Jazz created the Child that got his chitlins

SYMONE que sí… This most non-consecuential blog is best read in dark motherfucking mode, unless youse French, if youse French this blog doesn’t exist.

So long Madeleine- Matilda es Maldita

So, Matilda…nevermind Jazzy-Jeff, it’s just Natalia Almada’s great grand daD telling a Nazi in México to designate April 30 as International Children’s They… look it up, don’t shoot the Hancock. Herb-man.


Good Peep’s, MATILDA is just one 📎 [away] from la maldita, uncork the Acronym , which is Jazz for mat and by mat i mean Petate, John.

Napito Léon, leave the Madeleine’s bring them Marianne’s.


Fuck YOU, Denis Soula. Right now in France, it’s Lilly of The Valley Day and, Denis Soula, never mind them Dog Roses because in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s Lai They. At La Bastille it’s the 13th Corrida with Sonia Carneiro on BFM’er TV.

In Mexico, it’s International Workers Day, and over at the Morning Joe Show is Dumb Country Law Day.

1 de mayo and All That Jazz.

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