Cv. Indéterminé — “Birds and snakes” follow, right now R.EyeM. gives you: aeroplanes

Deer, BriWi, goodness gracious governor, I have never seen y’all so flabber•gast•Ed•£¥ wasted on Deadline. Gheeez•U.S. fucking christ, Nicole, it’s Knot as if it was the End of The World, as Öüï once knew, IT!.

Hola, adios, o como dicen los franceces en vacaciones, “Alo-ja* »… 🍍 Aloha, pronounced with an ethnic Ey•shhh, is the favorite interjection of a little Filipino on the MONTEALBAN set of Fantasy Island every time that The Plane entered into the frame.

* Aloja, del vebo alojar.

Entonces, Sirene Claire, please be advised that Öüï can no longer continue to operate this vuelo, not with our overhead, to get in the loop scroll down a few days last week when The Rachel Maddow Show dared to move the lines. So, the only reason that the staff continues to riff on this here blog is on account that in Paris, France, it happens to be the month of August and the Giftshop personnel is on vacation. Donc, much like an aeroplane circling a radius before getting clearance for that emergency landing, Öüï continues to ride the current events Merry-go-Round… around la basilica below:

Hay quienes ven un vaso medio vacío, pero hay quienes ven un vaso medio lleno. El Heraldo de México. 🧶 In Paris, Cerf-panthère is on vacation and so in 20 minutes the French there are going to miss what Présidenté Macron has to say with that there Aeroplane. Fuckn’ Joe Biden, couldn’t he wait until the second GRÈVE en septembre to pull out?

With that in mind, and with all due respect, a 7.2 earthquake in Haiti opens our Rapid Eye Movement to REM’s opening line to the Orange Crush Album and, the Kabul big ol’c-17 with a humanity of Afghans clinging or running under that nave’s tren de aterrizaje skips the BIRDS and SNAKES that Lenny Bruce kind of disregards at the end of esa primera estrofa (punto y a-parte) as always, the student is required to show his/her work before framing the image on a wall.

That’s great it starts with an earthquake [Check please]
Birds and snakes [follow] and aeroplanes

Tatou Ewe.

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