180 degrees Sans FX – “2 parts aphaty, one part despair”

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Moving on, the proposition that the color scheme commanded by Mr. del Toro triggered the signature visuals of ‘Amélie‘ and the lesser-known cannibal-comedy, ‘Delicatessen‘ of Jean–Pierre Jaunet’s, has already been established; entonces, pues —lo siguiente… and yes Dearest Darling:

because of Jeunet’s argument, “i am all out of angst
y lo siguiente ya no es « una puta digresión »…
because baby:
“i’m not insane – so i’m off to Pakistan…”

El efecto “Holandés”, ahora en 360° .. and the award goes to: The Accidental Artist, no, fuck; wait;  context follows, just wait for it, wait.  }—~~~\*> De cualquier manera, pinche Brozo, ya te metimos en la entrada del martes 9 de enero, de que La Forma en la que te puedes ir a chingar a tu madre nos fascina… uta!!! Neta, “El Doctor”, que este piche Ron Reserva  Mágnum si nos trae con las yemas de los “de dulces” todas pegajosas, quisimos decir, licenciado Brozo, de que “La Forma del Agua” nos fascinó; pero de cualquier, licenciado, ya sabe que de todos modos usted puede ir a chingar a su madre cuando a—áste mejor le acomode, eh.

Lo bueno de este inconsecuente blog es de que Víctor Trujillo no lo lee, y por eso [el staff] apunta lo siguiente:

Tres anuncios por un crimen” tiene todo para llevarse el mejor guión y la mejor cinta… pero por Tercera ocasión, – pinche Brozo– “La Forma del Agua”, nos fascinó; y no porque el director sea un mexicano – NO – la pelicula nos fascino porque está bien hecha… but if Rockwell does not leave with best actor, then i’ll know that the Fucking Hollywood industry is rigged… and “i’ll no longer roll my eyes…” i’ll just move to Mongolia… or some remote place like that.

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  1. The good thing about this blog is that the “Amelie” guy doesn’t read it. http://cinemania.elmundo.es/noticias/jean-pierre-jeunet-amelie-acusa-plagio-guillermo-del-toro/

4 de marzo del 2018
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Yesterday’s ramblings were the victim of Gremlins, Rolling Blackouts and the Commuting Rush Hour Rat–Race of Corporate Ladder-Climbers on the “A” Train of the Île–de–France, RER*. FYI: the staff was en-route to turn a very dear, important, and regretfully painful page in Nanterre; 92010 CEDEX.
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Sabbatical Day X
11 de enero, 2018
Bibliothèque du Cinéma
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La mujer en bici . — . From the collection The Street is My Gallery; the staff is on the look out for the chalk artist that created this Cubism looking treat. When they find it, they’ll let the non-readers of this non-consequential blog know who s/he is. •—!—• Photo: segoviaspixes 2018; Allée Célestin Hennion, 75004 (CEDEX) Cité.

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Figurer l’inconscient… Freud,  poissons , passions, secrèts . — . Un film • entre el Babel de la ficción de González Iñatirru AND Anger’s Hollywood Babylon • est un film . — . }–~~—\•> ¿En dónde está la biblioteca? Good news for the half empty rack of Mexican cinema literature at the François Truffaut Library inside at The Forum, in Les Halles, –3, Rue du Cinéma, 75001. The good folks at Marie de Paris authorized the addition of a new tome. In the frame above, can you guess which one it is?

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Don’t go away, because when the Lovely Sarah and yours truly return, we are going to reveal the staff’s other favorite movie that starts right of the bat with a masturbation scene. Here’s a Hint: HIMYM closed a season with the closing song in that flick, and no darling, it’s not the melody of “How You Used To Be”.

Stick around… context on “Monster–Nieto’s” replacement follows. Monster–Nieto is a Brozo the Shady Clown Registered TM.