In local news – The French extend vacation days for lepes

And in Waco, Texas… voting places were systematically closed and voting machines have some sort of a virus or snafu in Houston.

… And in Washington, the Associated Press is obsessed with how short Bloomberg tallied, and Cousin Joe is as giddy as a Truman voter on Nov. 3rd of 48′. Over at the National Action Network, the Reverend Al Sharpton just read Chuck D a Yesterday obituary.

Inside the Pundit's Studio

Inside the Pundit’s Studio .:. 7431D6A2-8B68-451A-B11B-5DDFA32CB098

Oh, the humanity, someone put Kornacki in a little box, over on Days of Our Lives The Sheriff just riveted the crowd with a solo act:

He's just crazy enough to do it

— He’s just crazy enough to do it .:. 8A81A00E-2E3B-48DE-9EBB-BF8EC3DC88CB 🐎

—“Isn’t anybody gonna help that poor man?”

— “Do what he says, do What He Says!!!

Meanwhile in El Ey

Meanwhile in El Ey .:. 8C056DE8-EB5B-473B-9370-60DF9DBE0C1C The Los Angeles County board was more interested in 2017/18 in fixating Silver Lake on Them Greek Olympics billboards than on them Beaners on Olympic voting boards. /// And as bonafide «Beaner en el Exterior; Central Nato Time; S.V.P. » Eye approves this message.

— Hush, Harriett! That’s a sure way to get him killed.

Coming up in the Programming,
a monologue for the Reverend Al Sharpton
and a review of the Recollections of A.M. Joy in Selma
as these happend in reel-time.


Carolina Mary — Los Alguacilillos


TRIBUTE to /r/interesting as fuck

TRIBUTE to /r/interesting as fuck .:. 7C140D87-4051-4D5A-8225-FDBED9EE720F 🏟 Del otro lado de El Monte, antes de entrar al ruedo, the bulls are cleaned with water and a hose, antes de que estos entren al matadero. _^•!•^_ Chris Matthews es un Chivo Expiatorio con indulto en la faena del Super martes en Tejas… from the InterWebs: el público, cada vez más enaltecido, pedía el indulto, pero finalmente la presidencia mantuvo su decisión y tras las negativas continuadas del torero desoyendo los avisos el presidente hizo lo que tenía que hacer: dar la orden de que sonara el tercer aviso tras haber transcurrido reglamentariamente el tiempo estipulado (artículo 58.2 del reglamento taurino de Andalucía).


“El presidente no puede inventarse una norma cada día”. Dicho de otra manera, Carpe Diem gets stored with the Emoluments Clause during an Executive period.

https ://www.taurologia .com /indulto-reconocimiento-excepcional-estipulado-reglamento-3762 .htm

La niña de la capea

La Niña de la Capea .:. 93FCAA3D-858D-41AC-A25C-A4F440E738AC 🕵🏻‍♀️ Where in the world is Carmen, Santiago? 💋 Well you’ve heard about the International Capers of Carmen Sandiego… “It’s not one of those”.

In other words, Battlestations clipboards on the map behind the Wallace’s noggin should not be compromise the Health and Welfare of their commands so as to not upset the Deer Leader’s newsreel short-cycle on the Cable News streams.

Breaking News in El Ey: Chester the Molester reports… camera inside the coat, Chester establishes rapport with California spokesperson (Rachel Maddow) for the MSNBC’s as Chester stalks the VP. The VP enters the Fried Chicken joint in El Ey, and in a swift takedown quickly establishes that he, as opposed to the 40–year old doppelgänger (of a virgin) is not the measure of a successful pundit.

American Samoa, WTF

American Samoa, WTF!!! — Minnesota, you never learn, and Boston, you are the Sydney of America, as a dual citizen of both California and Massachusetts, Rachel Maddow is flabbergasted by the Biden grab.

A momentary lapse of RFK’ness at the Biden rally in El Ey just established that the VP’s wife is in the Olivia Harrison bonsai grooming club. Rachel Maddow, tonight’s California spokepundit confirmed that Indeed, the intruders are part of the Joaquin Phoenix, Altadena and Chino fan satellites.

From the “Kay’s” Network .:. D313E188-1353-404A-8F13-BA5A89120FC2  —_•!•_—  “A pine tree planted in 2004 in memory of former Beatle George Harrison in a Los Angeles park has died after being infested by beetles.” 🐴 Caballo Prieto Azabache.

Oh, hey A.M. Joy, give our regards to Tennessee. Öüï the staff say hello to Wednesday, because Tuesday, Tuesday’s gone. What’s the plan for Wisconsin?

Previously on Carolina Mary — Wash your hands

The Whole Kimchi Enchilada with a side of Qabili Palau.

When Wax monoliths melt

When Wax monoliths melt with Ari Melber .:. PAPA DON’T TAKE NO MESS, and if you are down with The Rev, you know what this means.

Anygüey, Wax Model Moore:

HOY NO HUBO Jazz, but whatever happens, please relay to Cousin Joe that neither El Niño Luc (version) of an Ugly Mexican in Nueva York, or his more incognito (doppelgänger) here in Paris at fip Central Station (Aussi) should “retire” during the course of this most non–consequential Work-in-Progress blog.

Tráfico de influenza

Tráfico de Influenza .:. 3BA7A38D-43D8-495A-AF73-85D05E331E0B 🗣 KORNACKI: You WANT mí on D.A.T. Wall — You NEED Mí On D.A.T. Wall.

As a Matter–of–Fact, Morning Mika, öüï would like to see D.O.S. Two (beasts) “Dancing Cheek to Cheek” from See-two-Shining See. In the mean time John Oliver, “You Dit It!” You, you, you! Heck, you Australian–looking handsome Rosbif fella!!! We [the staff] had not realized that you had the ‘Bullfighter’ genie in you; you must be from Gibraltar.

El Próximo Toro le corresponde al Mando

Nice “Indulto”* on that toro from la ganadería de los Griffin, “matador”, NOICE Indulto with “El Toro Hardball”.

That Clipboard needs Mí

That Clipboard needs a dash of Mí .:. ACE99C07-96D4-451B-9642-903FFFCE8655  _—•!•—_ Coming up in The Programming LIVE from Panama Beach… avenue, in Austin Texas, —City Limits : hasta La Victoria, siempre.

… [D]itch the “Whataburger“, it’s got ‘gen•TRI•fication in it’s its ‘hamburgers in paradise’ hamburger helper®️ DNA/ADN, and besides, any self-respecting Midnight Ryder knows that SONIC is the In–n–Out of the Southwest, y Raquelito, please inform Chuck D, of the following:

Fuck Tommy Lee Jones and The Men in Black, Eye is —motherfucker— The Black in Men, coming to an At-The Drive Inn in Mars, or some Órbita 106.7 (2005) like D.A.T..


John Oliver is a foken Animal — Gonna miss you, Chris

Tuesday's gone — What's on Wednesday?

Tuesday’s gone — What’s on Wednesday? .:. F44CB403-C42E-4D6F-91A7-B2030C1D5A05 — The Addams Family.

Somehow, Steve Kornaki’s dark screen is not as much of a kick to rag (not troll) on… but Seriously, Michael Moore, who the Fuck drops on out off the Big Enchilada before the Qualifying Run, eh?

So, it's Established

So, it’s Established .:. E940E21E-42D4-4E0B-840F-94CE82B76A44 —_•!•_— Indeed, Kornacki, Indeed. Öüï got him.

Oh, The Humanity! — The Show Must Go On!
Fade to Black

Fade to Black .:. 923A3CB4-4810-438C-B014-2F76CD0A63A9 —_•!•_— to the tune of Roy Orbison in “newsreel” Time, and for The Archive, we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog, after playing devil’s advocate for the Blitzkrieg comment] had just TRANSLITERATED what öüï believe was is the Perfect Spanish call-sign for the Show: Vamo’ A Macanear; too bad that Phil Griffin never reads this 21st Century tribute to the “newsreel”. Matthews announced his retirement during Monday’s night’s* airing of his talk show, “Hardball.”

* Tuesday morning in Central Europe Time

Reached for comment, Mika Brzezinski said that she “tuned in every night only to hear the opening of the Chris Matthews Show,” Cousin Joe was not available, however, Willie Geist reflected on Steve Kornaki’s dark screen:

uh, funny how it didn’t come on, on such a momentous night.

Musical Guest:
The Lounge Newsreels featuring, En Dallas (voz) fuiste a dar.

Roy Orbison in real fip “Kitschy” time; Issy, the following must be presented in a Brian Williams “newsreel” spiel. Y no, Raquelito, we are not into crystal ball gazing, but there seems to be a neat time–projected and time-delayed triangulation in the TimeStamps, and as usual we do not select the songs that fit the newsreel tribute, we just play’em:

Just the fact's Kumar

Just the facts, Kumar .:. 0797E8F4-DCF9-42B7-B354-F17FC6514F8E 🗣 Just the facts.