Dear, Ari Melber, esquire — That’s a hell of a mic that you’re wearing

Indeed, counselor. Indeed, it goes real well with the line of questions.

Dear, Rachel Maddow

Dear, Rachel Maddow .::. B2430385-1274-46D6-B014-37810699DBD0 🦌 If Former congressman Charles Joseph Scarborough (the 3rd) asked you to be the vice-president running mate to Joe Biden, would you accept?
Don’t answer me, don’t break the silence
Don’t let me win
Don’t answer me, stay on your island
Don’t let me in

the FOist thing, counselor, please give our regards to DONNIE Deutsch, the amicable face of the Donald John Trump Fifth Avenue posse will be spared (come MAY They) from the most–unfortunate task of having to speak with Michael Cohen in that there Club Fed jail.

Ehhhhh, whatcha cooking, Doc?

Ehhhhh, whatcha cooking, Doc? .::. D76D9F43-8202-4C16-BC2F-7FEA0F3972CC 🐇

With that out of the way, mr. Melber, and to quote the greatest blues player of all time, “youse a cotton pickin’ picker”, that’s fo’sure. Here’s why, motherfucker:

https ://www .msnbc .com /msnbc/watch /sen-amy-klobuchar-calls-for-a-national-strategy-on-testing -82183237778… NOTE TO ED:

The link above ⬆️ is only part of Ari Melber’s line of questioning ⬇️ below, you’ll get the rest of the context.

Why? Ari Melber.  Why would you put a mid-West miner’s daughter on the spot, ON THE SPOT (motherfucker) with the question that none in that there BLUE–lit building was allowed to ask about mr. Biden’s latest accuser, —Before Bernie ceded the race!. The Nerve of you cotton pickin’ pickers. My guess is that given your Heinz family ties you probably want D.A.T. “little pat in the back” just like that cute “Catsup” bottle said on the Lord Lorne Saturday Night Show, to get you to perform, eh?

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