1 de Enero 2021 — Dear, Teeny Tiny Cat

Note To Ashley CHEVALIER:

Grupo 24 Horas de AA… Issy, Mme. Chevaliere, Eye know that you’ve heard (as a journalist – off course) about the 12-step program, but lemme’Tell ya’Cinnamon Spice, “It’s Knot one of —those! » .:. F025E8E9-EF79-46E9-A3D2-DAA28E48CEF2 🚶🏽‍♂️Eye is talking about The Midnight Rambler, of course.

Hoy no hubo BFMer TV, but do give our regards to Damien UrLetGo… we changed some of the names to protect the innocent… x ejemplo, take Mick Jagger:

Smile🙃 because as Keith “the loon” used to say, Susan del Percio: TO THE MOON, Alicia!!! Tú, the Moon. But FO’ist, we Ketch-up with the Immortality Machine inside of Capitol Hill in WaWa Land. Some call it History, Alicia, but people WHO know, know that it is just another edition of Organized Grab-Ass with a bunch of old, old, very Old Kids on The Hill.

After the Break, Alicia Menendez takes on the role of Karaoke Wizard and renders Queen’s, “Stone Cold… crazy,” on Dateline, Knot Deadline. Check local listings.

Right now, here’s an update on Mattéo’s “funny paper” and if you ever get the punchline of the joke, my future graduate of the most prestigious école hôtelière in the World*, then you’ll understand what a “slow yellow lorry” means before getting inside of a “Black Limousine”.

For those WHO are knot on the know, know that i buried Titus. .:. F6432F3E-187B-402E-9A60-2743A9296A08 .:. The inside of this pyramid is shaped like a stretched out feline with the Sphinx como lomo y cuello (punto y coma) the Question is, Mme. Chevalier, can you spot the anca on the Onca?

* i won’t mention the name, so-pena de que doña Vilma and her fuentes at the recently debunked Michelin Guide, object to our report.

—_-!-_— note to editors —_-!-_—

In Hilo, Hawaii,
the first day of the year just crossed the Twilight Zone.
And in Paris,
en Paris is they too of the aforementioned
12-step program from Grupo 24 de AA.

Stick around, Mme. Chevalier and let the “weekend help” do the rounds; Eye noticed that the weekend producers included a French fan of the Jack The Ripper Honor Society. Somebody needs to tell that poor man to stop crying, what with all of the flooding in Landes them crocodile tears are going to flood me another river.

Anuncio: Public Service Announcement
Item: Feminine hygiene products
Product placed: Brides, filets et selles

When HerStory rhymes in HisStory times .:. 294612A4-33A4-451E-88AA-52F99EE1C090 🧶 And now, the rest of Her story… Öüï now know the real detonator in Strasbourg (no pun intended^) but it seems that the Dang-On Brexit is taken right out of the book of Prohibition in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

https ://www .leparisien .fr /faits-divers /alsace-un-jeune-homme-tue-par-un-mortier-d-artifice-01-01-2021-8416865 .php

In Brexit-ed Actuality, it’s a small victory for Vania®️ in the U.K. and a small step for The Cramps; not that i know anything about the period in the early 1920’s which came to be known as Rag Time, but i have it on good authority to relay to all Femmes of the Calamity Jane fan club that “les selles” o como dicen en las charreadas “las monturas” for all cavalières won’t be considered LUXURY ITEMS, like in France, Art and other assorted accessories designed to adorn Galleries remain Tax Free in the Hexágono.

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