Previously on, Million Dollar Babies – Stanley Kubrick was finishing a nightmare

And if you think that the those Eyes are looking at you, just wait until You see what Nancy chose to wear for the Very French… it’s March 🏀 Maddness and Jane Fonda just can’t get enough of the Vietnamese Library at la Sección Popular de Choisy. Stanley Kubrick guest stars.

But seriously, over at el Mundo de Le Monde, the locals are pondering if children should get into the vaccine pool, and the way things are going, Harisbo and Carambar better get Playmobil into the pit.


Adventures in Translation: false friends… sponsored by Vania®️

Deer, Mika: your daddy says to remember the old adage:

That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below…

with this on the rearview mirror, that just makes you “the current (i) one,” in the power formula. Por ejemplo, Willie Geist, i am going to put you in Yogi Berra’s playing position (fat lady optional) and i am going to play the role of Camilo Cienfuegos on the mound, and never mind the signals. So with that in mind, let’s crossover The Hill(s) and the Atlantic to the first time that “God Damn” was used in comparative analysis.

So, yeah—dig this: en Español del bueno, ese mismo que se habla en México, un « tampón » es eso, a RED collector. En anglais, c’est la même CHOZA, raza = un Tampax ®️ para todas aquellas que no usan montura durante esos malditos días del mes; en francés*, Mare, un tampon es muchas cosas más, y sin ir muy lejos un tampon higiénico se puede usar para COTEJAR documentos ‘en rojo’ en La Préfectura de Cité (Paris, Centre). HOW? You may never care or wonder, but Eye is going to tell you why on the next  set of pitches—bitches.

https ://www .discogs .com /Les-McCann-Eddie-Harris-Compared-To-What /master /328070

And in Washington, in Washington ya no pasa nada, and i am going to leave it at that since today is Little Wednesday’s Addams turn, and Tuesday’s Gone.

This gives us time to answer one Happy caller three from the 13éme in Paris, poor guy, his girlfriend just got ran over by a parked snowmobile, or something like that, poor Happy, he really-really loved that Chinese woman, but Happy found love at a hypnotist show at Le Cirque Electric in the same arrondissement. Good for that hypnotist, Happy, whomever she might be.

… and then she was hit by a lightning bolt ⚡️ Lucky for Happy, Vice-President Harris knew that Chinese woman.


🎼🎹 Whatever Mitch McConnell wantS, Mitch McConnell deGETte

Jueves, 14 d’Enero, 2021

Deer, Rep. Adam Schiff, please be advised that cualquier parecido con nuestra triste realidad, is probably because unlike the Trump Republican guard i was a Pathfinder in Representative Cheney’s dad original “petit coup”, o como dicen Les Franglais-es-esos, the one and only “Robinette*”  … Issy, gaD#Em—it! Eye always said that them National Guards weekend-warriors had no fucking discipline, and even less imagination to catch some Z’zzzs. 🚰 Well, you’ve HO’id about the Commando 450, 🗯… it’s Knot one of those, and please, Congressman, don’t shut the Tap just because you don’t like the Water Boy .:. Going to California (French Consulate 2010) goes here.

Adventures in Translation for the LatinX impaired.

But FO’ist!!!
The BrïWï checks in at the
Shannon Pettypiece Hypnosis Clinic
hilarity ensues when Shannon tells BrïWhy
Eyes Above The Shoulder,
You Helicopter polizón–you.

El grifo de Biden

Hola, Kasie! i am going to let you figure it out (all on your lonesome) what the grifo on the Swimming Pool means, Issy, the Stoner is the good guy and the poatriot pat… riot is, well you know. For the record, Kasie, Clinton’s Church is currently in the process of blowing the “dust bunnies out of the Organ pipes, i got there when the fingers where on the “agudos” Ivory keyboards… by 11 am, in Saint Germain Photo Expo 2021 (left ((behind)) bank) were moaning with the very “graves” moaning of the deep tone of Ebony chiming in… just the Facts Ma’am.

Season 4 End / Inauguration Episode 1

Good Morning World, did you happen to catch how Donald John Trump got away with a clean slate, WHO knows, perhaps the Commonwealth of Kentucky will house the Donald John Trump presidential library. Witt this in mind, the only thing uglier than this foundation pouring is Republican hitman Rick Wilson… an ugly sonovabitch who stole Teeny Tiny Cat’s portrait from the Louvre, The LOUvre, —Omar Lupin! The fucking LOUvre… or, maybe just as horrific are the « lovely » American nazis at the Walmart on aisle 6 with all of them made in china patio Torches… you’ve come a long way, West Virginia; just like West “Pompeo” Point and, “Thank you for smoking* ».

* Thank you for smoking was Donnie Deutsch's-es-es defense for the tobacco industry Camel Toe Camel Joe advertisement campaign directed toward teens in the 1980´s... [I]t was the parents responsibility to educate their kind, said the msnbc walking adVert.

Note to California Foreign (legion) Intelligence Representative Adam Schiff… please don’t mix Aquarius into the Billy Madison repertoire, Sir. Now because, i happen to be of no consequence please be advised that if, and only if—you believe that WaWa gets no enemy, according to The President of Africa (ibid), then you cannot blame the water carrier, because if you do, then you are shooting the messenger (in another world) WHO brings you the news of the noose.

Now because i did factor in the Wild G.O.A.T. on LSD* (just scroll down this same rabbit-blog) Eye is knot going to hold it against you but watch your ass, Congressman Shiff, or Governor Le Petomane will be forced to cut your Hollywoodland contract… “at The Pass”, Congressperson**, —at the pass.

The Watch List and The List Watchers… don’t kid yourself, Nicole Wallace, you of all people should know that the only one that touches Ivanka and Jarred is Donald John Trump; and Witt that in mind… you know that when the “watch lists” were initially beef-up, the watchers filled it with Family court cases… and there was a reason for it, it kind of resembles the tuna/atún fisheries that indiscriminately trapped whatever fell prey to the MAN’s sirens and their nets. Issy, Jason Johnson, inform that Nick Confessori that this is being written for an audience of Wan.  .:.  Keep shooting the messenger, please. Go ahead, re-load.

Still to ride:
A Band of Horses
DILLY… 🐎 … [I]t really took a Tall one to see it*, Two to believe it, Three to JUST Get In The Way.

* James Comey


And in WaWa Land, Ayman Mohyeldin discovers Venn Diagrams. It’s true, as sure as 10 motherfuckers testing positive every 10 minutes SIX minutes for COVID-19 just as Paris is getting ready to cover the flame at 18h starting on Saturday Night, live.

Right now it is 2112 in CET, and Tom Sawyer, was a mean-mean warrior id•deed.

Still to come .:. Test 1, Test 2, Test 3… The student must show his or her WO’ik. 📐 Issy, that light is shining direction East, y la doña Me Dici qui Nostradamus, —was a fag, period!

* Capricorn for those out of the loop with an Ah’Nold Cornucopia church of manlove.

** Corrected for the LatinX impaired.

https ://www .wordreference .com /enfr /faucet

Entre El Medio with Shannon’s Pettypiece

🛰 📻 🎶 🗣

In your i’s… (in your eyes)

in your ay’s (in your eyes)

Oh, i wanna see the Light in

your i’s (in your 👀…

Say anything, Peter; but FO’ist!!! Gabriel is going to meet your sexy eyes, Ms. Pettypiece, at the Gates of?

Survey say:

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, say hello to The Pundita, and nevermind the “Say Anything” reference, but Eye thinks that Shannon wants Mí to introduce her to Ashley Chevalier; since she seems to be in on the Joke… but that would only lead u.s. (all) to “High Fidelity”, « Grosse Pointe Blank », and off-course, “Must Love doGs», eh. ANY HOW Phil Griffin* 👯‍♀️ —_•!•_— 👭 You know better than to fit two Muses on the Same FRAME, mAnnnn! What are you trying to do, break the screen!!! That would be like putting Shannon’s piece right in front of my Eyes, mis Ojos!!! ¡Ay mis Ojos!!!

* Our apologies to Phil Griffin, Öüï skipped a track and did not program into the mix that Mr. Griffin is no longer conducting the opéretta at the msnbeepeacocks, but now that Eye sees triple punditry with Chuck in the middle, there seems to be more than meets the Fed Wife. Oh hey, Katy Kur, long time no see, nice coat! BUT i DON’T LIKE IT, not your coat Ms. Tur—i don’t like relevos australianos. And don’t get me started on tag-teams. I don’t have the Will to unscramble the crosstalk. One SuperStar at a Time, and more COWBELL!!! WHO’s running this Lucha Libre show, Whoopi Goldberg and the View?

– Hell
Denis [ ✔️]
— of Bill & Melinda*

And at PARIS 6eme, the Saint Sulpice Bells are Tolling (12 noon) like they haven’t tolled in a long long— long Time… Must be the POLES who just finished their Mass… it’s Trou!!!

Tell Mí, Miss Pettypiece, does Mika (Brzezinski) know that   it is Christmas Day (East of Danzig) and at Orthodox shrines. Jah, man!

And, Willie Geist, please relay to Cousin Joe and that dumb Sumbitch “Heilemann” that the Abyss is shallow, and Mika… tell your man that it is: NEWS OF THE WORLD, not “news of the they”, and then you wonder why Katty Kay won’t respond; The Queen would shoot her!!!

… [A]nd still to come, Willie Geist, it’s EL OCHO (defunct U.S. Observance) and you better Knot forget to tell The Rachel Maddow Crew that MAÑANA is “show your work day”.


* They just don’t send’em (a los mecenas) like they used to, Catherine de Medici, said some freak called Nostradamus at the Gate of Louvre (Paris CENTRE), i’m Sí Rius and Eddie Gloude Jr., is not.

Across The Atlantic… it’s Dedos a tres caídas Round 2

Round 2 recap:

The Gravity Argument

The Gravity Argument .::. 054E129C-6422-407A-9810-F8837B021F0E 🏄🏽‍♂️ Over at the Know Your Value symposium, Donald John Trump was thinking of adding Round Fourth (it’s symbolic, of course) the Law set the terminal velocity at 3, not on the Fourth. —_•!•_— In context, the cyber-reporting Amazona has a point, she had signed-up to do Three, and not the fourth, which the Writers at “El Halcón*” your  trusted source of Lucha Libre news, can go down on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. rebuttal from the amazon, dicho de otra manera, Mika, we dig Shannon’s hold’it! D.A.R.E. now.

Shannon Pettypiece broke the 4th Rope (wall/barrier) and Eddie Gloude Jr., of course, was looking the other way, as if “inviting this particular Situation”.

https ://www .thedailybeast .com /people-are-finally-starting-to-see-the-real-ellen-degeneres-and-it-isnt-pretty THE MASK

Elective Surgery in Covid–19 times

Elective Surgery in Covid–19 times .::. 35C31555-576A-496A-B884-030A6E2AF63D 🏄🏽‍♂️ Previously on, “Zippy–ri doo-dah” Fletcher M. Fletch was on his way to Tupelo, Mississippi to see about a possible deal with ULTRA LIGHT INFUSED tobacco for the French, when all of a sudden, Ellen Degeneres in the role of annoying passenger Cindy Maysample, interrupted a Swing Low Sweet Chariots moment. 🏚 In this “photoplay” Ellen Degeneres abruptly awakens Fletcher M. Fletch only to inform him that she is flying back home to Selma, Alabama (from El Ey) after having some unnecessary elective surgery during the height of the respirator shortages across the U.S.A., she goes on to say that she can’t wait to head over to Montgomery and participate in the Betsy Devos sponsored protests against the “Stay–in–place / Shelter–at–Home” quarantines. “It will be like when Dr. MLK marched for civil rights,” she boasted.

Sponsor’s plug: Eddie Gloude’s Jr. Tie (Corbata) is available at Foot Lock Her; Foot Lock Her, where NIKE®️ Divas faces (masks) are eaten (ripped) by Pumas. Talk about it, converse about, it! Just like A did as Mr. Sauconey (Jazz Line) was checking out Wilson’s Hand.

—Over in Nantucket, Cousin Joe wants Mika’s mom (his belle-maman) to resume her normal life and get back to college… or something like D.A.T..

Meanwhile, over at the Associated Press, today’s tie is a gift from Goodwill’s off–the–rack specials; shop now! The Early Summer blow–out is happening right now, and all new arrivals have been treated for the Covid–19 left behind by their recently departed owners. The GOODWILL’s clothes rack, “it’s like a box of chocolates“, mr. Wilson.