Modelo de gestión de residuos culturales de aplicación, S.A. de C.V.

PRE-req reading for this course :
AOCs greatest Hits:

https ://www .pinknews .co .uk /2021/09/09 /alexandria-ocasio-cortez-transgender/

It’s only natural, and Governor Abbot (R-TX) Eye can assure your mentally crippled soul that by, or no-later-than the first official cigarette break in France, which usually happens at around Ohhhh, 21h in Hawaïï Standard Time, the cobblestones (pavés) are free of nucleic acid sequences and other assorted mec'(os).

Sur la voie publique, on ne jette pas masques, gants et mouchoirs !

Mon – Sun 06h to 09h in CET
Instructor: Dr. Franceso Takeya (DDS)
Section: Paris Propreté à La Lavandière
(near Carmel-by the-Plage)

Note to Lawrence O’Donnell @thelastword… THIS IS A TIME DELAYED ENTRY… iPhone is down-iPhone is down go to @segoarma for update

And still to come… Évry body is talking about BOXING now, c’mon KEN, —burn the fucking BandWagon! And, Reverend Al… is it true that ALI is, was, and will always be prettier than Paul?

WHO cares, that’s YESterday’s news all Öüï know is that Magnum was, is, and will forevermore be a fag (punto y coma) never mind The Mexican Suitcase and follow’me fuckos to where the streets no tienen madre. Sponsored by Achtung Sud.

It’s 1964 and if it’s Sunday the 13th, then Martin Luther is telling, IT!, —like it is— in Berlin. Trou STORY. It’s a story in part about Walls, the people who climb them, and the migras who shoot’EM.

https ://catalogue .bpi .fr /fr /document /ark :/34201 /nptfl0001693177

https ://time .com /5504826 /martin-luther-king-wall-history/



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