Deer, Matt Bradley — Executive Criminal negligence is no way to run a country (AMLOVE)

So, according to peacock Bradley, Joe Biden was blowing facts out of his ass when he told Bernard Sanders that THE ITALIAN medicaid for all was not efficient [before] the Curse of “the bat soup” struck with a vengeance, the Lombardi section of that boot.


ROMA es AMOR .::. C0F56E17-E0CB-4210-9132-3954DD136848 🦠⚱️🗺🧮 Don’t shoot tomatoes at mí. Öüï did projected CARMEN (for those with Eyes to see).. What MORE do you want from Mí? To draw you a picture? C’mon, Willie Geist!


This, little piece of information tells us one thing, and it reveals another; the first is that AMERICANS don’t know what they are voting for, because as Matt Bradley mentioned, the medical sector in ITALY was very robust, heck Cousin Joe, ITALY HAD MORE BEDS FOR INTENSIVE CARE UNITS than the “greatest country” of Donald Trump; and two… [W]ith all of the factories shutting down, karaoke lofts will be a good INVESTMENT for VoBo’s¹ in New York City, at $125 U.S. per hour and millennials stuck between a Tri-State entertainment industry shutdown and their expendable income it’s a Win–Win situation.

Trump cannot Lie a Tale

Trump cannot Lie a Tale .::. 859CD51F-4286-4710-86A1-87E5AD8A4FFA 👺🦠☣️ OUR little president’s nose grows with every death in our GREAT country.

¹ Vistos Buenos

Now, monsieur Philippe Labro, CNEWS might have Defendente Génolini to go ahead and « cross words » on the next–to-last page of them Direct matinees that Canal Plus provides to u.s. SDF’s as multi-purpose magic tissue, and insulator, and floor matting, etc., etc,. ETC, period… but mr. Labro, can you match amlove’s wallet?

What's in your wallet, guey? .::.

What’s in your wallet, guey? .::. 8A5F0AAF-DB65-48D1-BF4A-8ACA3ED3EC24 🌊🗺🔊 In apocalyptic times beware of SCAMS. —_•!•_— Drink té de Tila.

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