BANG! — SoFy turned Cortázar en WaWa tibia.

11 de septiembre, 2022 ; 21h46 – Hilo, Hawaii,
Longitude: -157.949993
Latitude: 21.364889
Oahu, United States 

¡Bola de putos! Viva mi banda, mexicano… sin celery, ordenó sus “french tacos” en la rue del árbol viejo, don Epigmenio González 🇵🇭, comerciante traicionado por morena-francia en Saint Eustache de Les Halles.


Breaking Bat y Can… narrated by Cerf-🐆
Nº 3760
P.4, by 🖐🏻on Enblanco
20minutes [dot] fr 

A sido, nueva ArMa contra las ratas… page 3 “teaser” del “Patrimonio del « gran Colbert »”, o como dicen en la D.E.A.:

La machine à LAVER des métros de la LIGNE tú, todo un show.

… con ustedes, SoFy Velasco

This screenshot has been remastered.


💋 Sizzle and bubbles 💃🏻

Mí translations are the best… Funambulism de Crystal, but it’s not just any Crystal, it’s Crystal Meth! Coma frutas y verduras.

This is

 Breaking Bat y Can

How Do Ewe $£€€p?

In this NetFlix episode of SoFY Velasco Hydrodynamique Hero, SoFy plays the role of a recovering crack ho in Lille.

Synopsis, SoFY graduates from a correspondence course business school and secures a MGMT position with SODEXO. SoFy climbs up the poles and reaches a GM position. Short Story Long, SoFy secures la Plaza de Checoslovaquia and a Gwar between Denisa Kerschova and SoFy Velasco   follows… Hilarity ensues when Juanito Guanavacoa takes on the role of Gale wearing nothing but a Speedo®.

En passant par la Normandie… this podcast has not been posted, yet. On the other hand, it’s WABBIT SEASON in Nantes.

~. Kerschova grows a red beard and fights under the Alias: El Vikingo.


~. SoFy Velasco integrates toda su LATINIDAD into “La Mano Pachona”. 🖐️

Just say’n… you got Literary Ho’s Évry where, “Here, there,” and under Évry mattress-es-ese!

Vaya co doG, SoFy… tu también me enChinas la piel. 💋

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