ATTENTION NON-readers… France Licks Balls, period

We [the staff] interrupt the programming in ORDER to get drunk, period and fuck it, Donnie Deutsch (comma pito y) fuck it.

Manuel Valls se disfraza

Last WEAK tonight: Manuel Valls se disfraza de El Ex Presidente Peña Nieto y su novia se viste de ESPANTA PÁJAROS.

… plus we [the staff] have to jerk-off.

so, are you ready, france? open up and say ah!!!

Third weekend of September 2014, the Then prefecture de police à Cité decorates its walls with WHITE FRENCH GUILT. The walls of Metro Line 4 are plastered with blown-up posters of documents that The bendita Vichy regime turned in to their NAZI pimps. Of course, there is no way to backtrack this because the MUNICIPAL RECORDS don’t keep a MOTHERFUCKING LOG of the “decorations” used by the PRÉFECTURE de Police à Cité, period

Additionally, it’s the 2nd year of the Bernardo Gómez (Peña Nieto) Matignon connection, and the directive from THEN president François Holland is that there “WOULD BE SOME MERIT” in having Professor John Mill Ackerman and his (NOW APPOINTED) Cabinet member wife, stuff little minded Mexicans in a little French dying theater.


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