El error de Karol Józef Wojtyła — Part 3.1

We had asked who, WHO thought that rape couldn’t be funny and France Inter Radio responded:

And in the next segment, fip is going to laugh about it. Our Zamunda affiliate is on the beat… remember now, Sean Penn was filling the role of Jonah, and Michael Keaton was… wait, what in the fuck was Michael Keaton starring as, fuck!!! Those Dang on Pericos are a hell of a Byrd.

Anyhow, Dick Hertz is on rue Watt and according to Very Low Freq relays, fip . fr is now quoting Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s response to POTUS 46, with a “Sticks and Bones” bullshit and, using a known ROUTE 66 denier to do it. Which is our cue to say: FUCK YOU Jon Schofield!!! Route 66 is alive and paved… ya’Cunt!

= la ache es muda

Ladies in Gemini, Eye can’t really tell what in the Whole Wide World of Sports is Ah-Going-on, first an earthquake in the Land of The Rising Sun, then Bjork gets pissed-off (probably on account of the fucking elf’s) and activates a 6000-year dormant volcano and now this:

C’mon August _ light José’s Fire

BeeCause, yo sé NEVER thought that he'd make it this Far East.
And please, Marianne,
do keep in mind that we [the staff]
neither choose,
nor Cherry Pick
the Continents 
Air France lands on,

Muto, meet Tokio Rose, she’s with BEI Bei Kang and some Ding Love. She’s cleared for landing…

Hey, Pauly...

Hey, Pauly… it’s the Önë after the Texas Streamliner 909, and Lest[er] Holt forgets, la hache es muda.

—Can you here, Mí, Gknaugh?
… asked Brian Williams to la rue de Chris Matthews NBC archives.

Ex Farol marks the Spots
We never thought

Thank you, Jesús, no creíamos llegar hasta el Octavo piso de Las Chronics del Otro Mundo.:715E30CE-E1DC-47E0-B9BE-B10CF5662461 •|• Ladies in Gemini: Cathy Rowland[o] mota por El Mundo de las crónicas.

in local news
Luz sí sube y,
“cómo dicen los muy franceses”:
el gaz se baja.

La la la la — la la

La la la la — la la

TimeStamp: El Eco sello de las 10:40 del mañana en Central NATO Thymes, nº 4 Rue Palatine 75006.