Journo 1402: Psychoanalysis, punditry, and Demagoguery

This interaction takes place inside of a doll house, where an audition for pundits, reporters, correspondents, TALKING HEADS, experts –of course– and an NSA strategist by the code name ‘Black Spy’ are running up and down Studio 3A to come up with the best metaphors for the current White “Doll House” administration.

In this ACT, the auditioners are going over some eminent euphemisms on Donald Trump’s ‘Eminence Front’.

🎶 Mauricio —Babiloniaaa.

And Yes, Donnie Deutsch:
“I’ve seen that movie, too.”

Musical guest:
Sir Elton Pig.

Journo 1402:
Psychoanalysis, punditry, and Demagoguery.
Room: The Doll House at 30 Rock.
Professor: John He•ille•mann.
Time: Whenever, y en dónde sea.

Lo bueno d’este blog es de que ni mabm, ni don Reginaldo Hércules Dwight Juan, lo leen.

Carl Linneaus (1707) [Nice Cardigan] is the most important Pig in history*, he single-mindedly took it upon himself to name all living organisms.  Linneaus was a Gemini by Western standards, pero andando en Hong Kong, —Duke Ellington— era igual de COCHON… MITT ROMNEY, ese político habla en Oink–Oink igualito que Snoop Dogg… <*,,,-—–~~~{ • } ~~~-—-,,,*>  ¿CARL JUNG? You’betcha — he was a Pig.

De cualquier manera, para poder llegar a ver quién está trabajando los controles de tus potencialidades y todas sus limitaciones, —por el otro lado de la cortina— sigue el SENTIER de la Yellow Brick Road.


President Trump is going to do a rendition of the Beastie Boys “Ill Communication” at the White Dollhouse in Washington.

Michael Steele has the
“Ill Communication”.
Hear all about as the Purple Pundit Sings:

“Viva el Son”
… or something like that.

« – il parlera de quoi, ton recit ?

— De la Russie d’adjourd’hui. »

Roman Sentchine
Qu’est–ce que vous voulez ?
2018; Les Editions Noir Sur Blanc

Mean while at the OTAN Headquarters:

“I’ve seen that movie, too”… via: Francesca Tacchi’s “Historia Ilustrada del FACISMO”. Página 141; Ediciones Plaza de las Victorias.

I’ve already seen this movie before, it had however, different actors and a different agenda, but the plot, nonetheless remains the same. In other words Jon Meacham, Russia today was pretty much bitch–slapping The United States of America in the form of its sitting president humilliating NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, during a breakfast photo–op earlier today.

TimeStamp: 14 hundred hours in Central NATO Time.

One thing for sure is that track 7 on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is called “Jamaican Jerk-Off” and, that the entire world pretty much realized that some Monkey Business was about to happen the moment that The 45th President of The United States of America is going to meet Vladimir Putin (his Russian handler) in a closed room. There is no question on who of the two leaders at that exclusive setting is going to play “SUSIE“, which as a “Rocket Manconnaisseur, Donald J. Trump should know that that little ditty is TRACK 4 of Honky Château.

TimeStamp: Three hours for Game Time… PAN y CIRCO para toda la BREXIT Crowd…

Full Disclosure: The staff wishes to see a Final Match line up like this:

Francia vS Croatia

Furthermore… we the staff wish to see  Algerian ‘mecs’ go out Aux Champs-Elysées to honk their horns, just like last night.

… coming up: A Cat Named Hercules. Track 10, Honky Château; May 1972.