Intermedio with the BriWi’s — Surf’s Up, Charlie

It’s the 11th Hour at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, New York, and in Portland, Oregon:

“America as I see, IT!”

“America as I see, IT!”

Cualquier parecido con las madres de La Plaza de Mayo, en Buenos Aires Argentina es pura CAUSALIDAD, Eugene Robinson, nothing but a rhyme–in–time.

In the words of Lt. General Honoré:

— “What kind of bullshit is this?”
[And the waiter replies]
— A Quilmes, Sir.
— Pabst Blue Ribbon, I ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Dear, Nicole Wallace… öüï love your show, but

Hat’s off to Curly Heilemann’s praise to your uncle, Fox–Wallace, however, with regards to PORTLAND and the Trump Administration Continental United States ren•di•tion program, wasn’t your former boss Rendition Program with unlimited Guantanamo Bay Hotel & Casino stay, the one who invented this dick move (in the free world)?

When Love Rears its ugly head

When Love Rears its ugly head… America, America! Yada, yada, ya•valió•madres; here’s why: those same federal goons are going to be the same Eric Prince, Blackwater mercenaries, who are going to interrupt the Speaker’s of The House inauguration  on January 2021.

Please explain, if Mr. Griffin allows, because this past Sunday’s Chris Wallace interview DID MAKE INTERNATIONAL headlines, and don’t let that Stengel dude deflect the American Rendition Program on Crimea, please Start this dialogue at home, you know, WHERE THE CHICKENS ROOST. And Please, Curly Heilemann, don’t you dare shoot the Messenger.


Jesús Domínguez no ha muerto, se fue a Portland!

En contexto: corre y se va!

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Sin embargo, the description in this capsule of La Nota Nostra is in tune with this handsome sailor… Damn!!!
Apparently, Jesús Domínguez (his hulkiness, anyhow) found a vessel in @tazerface16

… here is the broken link to Quintana’s chronicle. It is broken at the dots. If you want to reach this article you must connect the dots:

http ://arrobajuarez .com/notas .php?IDNOTA=59294&IDSECCION=La%20Nota%20Nostra&IDREPORTERO=Ramón%20Quintana%20Woodstock

El Árbol

El Árbol — ¡LOTERÍA!!! Eye finally understands why “they” put PORTLAND before cement.

Full disclosure, the former USA buck sergeant writing this capsule seconds what @daminzy tweeted: Eye takes back every bad thing that he has said about the Navy; with regards to the Marines, the song remains the same: Marines lick balls.

It’s 19h in Central NATO Times [Stop] All That Jazz

And on the 999th presidential golf outing…

Not to be outdone

Not to be outdone by the CJNG .:. 3B78F62A-DC15-41E5-9234-3CC2BC2A8D3B 🎶 Oh, happy Theys, oh happy Theys…

What a wicked game,” Deana.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2020/07/18 /opinions /portland-anonymous-security-forces-mark-of-dictatorship-ghitis /index .html

Meanwhile in Méjico:

Coincidencias de la industria

CoincidenCIAs de la industria .:. 5D80FED1-0022-4367-9039-3D44043B62BE

Oh, the humanity… on account of losing his presidential pension, former Mexican president and friend of the Morning Joe Show, Vicente FOX is selling his “personal greetings” for $5000 pesotes mejicanos (each).

https ://www .theguardian .com /commentisfree /2020/jul/18 /portland-oregon-federal-officers-trump-department-homeland-security

To show her solidarity with the Mexican “pelele*” for that time that the Fox team got a former president of the FORMER United States of América, Nicole Wallace (a former press lieutenant for Bush 43) order a dozen greetings from the Boot Empresario^ for her staff on Deadline… her 8 year–old was not amused; “and so it goes”, across from The Atlantic.

Mist be read in a

The following greeting must be read in a Vicente FOX voice .:. 85AA5200-D4BA-4413-B0FA-28291CA7EDB7

Page Two:

Good news for the CAR rental industry. The federal government is bringing much–needed mullah to this niche market following a drop in rentals due to a pandemic that the Trump administration is unwilling to eradicate control like most of the CIVILIZED world has done. The ACLU, those motherfuckers! Are promising to rain on yet another “Make America Great” promise fulfilled by the best non–pro–golfer in the despotic world.

Over at Hotel–6, a disgruntled beaner was heard shouting at the TOP of his lungs, “KAYLEIGH, KAYLEIGH!!! Drop that cheat–sheet folder with answers to the White House Correspondents corps AND LETS FUCK LIKE SAVAGES!!!”. The poor and horny bastard was shot on sight.

SAY ANYTHING and nevermind The Boom-box

https ://www .thelocal .fr/20190129 /france-in-numbers-police-violence-during-yellow-vest-protests

And starring as

And Starring as Jérôme Rodrigues 𓀎 28E3E5A6-9E3D-4B24-BA5A-688810B6ACA8 🏌🏻‍♂️ Donovan La Bella.

https ://www .commondreams .org /news /2020/07/18 /end-unconstitutional-nightmare-aclu-sues-trump-administration-over-use-secret-police