“So you’re an American?” — No Ma’am, I’m from Kentucky!*

Let’s do this

… and Loss of Signal, youse the best, but Eye will be back, believe Mí.

* Groundhog Day via Edge of Tomorrow.

This is the sound of Hands Clapping 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏

For context, i don’t know if there’s such a thing as a reincarnation THEY, but what i do Know, is that the marinating time for a good idea to be Etched in Stone again is 4 years. Ask Simone at La Mairie de Paris, Madame Anne Hidalgo—she’ll Show You.

Now then, for all you Monkees up in Heaven, a couple of years ago I, armando segovia, showed you the Sound of Woody Wood Pecker on the Seine… and Pierre, i can assure you that this is Knot one of Those. This here Madame PrietaGala is the sound of Memo Picapiedra (and I swear to goD that that is his name, but in French) doing what he does best, and if you catch Memo at The House of Detention he’ll Tell’ya that like Mí, he is a Paris im’plant not in-plant. Ask him! G’Ahead—He’ll tell Y’all.

… offline, please note that a Clear Sign of the A Poco Lips Sis is the fact that Paris invented a Ukelele Club and a Young Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) was caught between The Man from La Mancha and Victoria being all giddy and jolly.

A “P” in the Bush is usually sponsored by Tyranny or The 3rd Reich Bank of America… this is why you can’t have NICE things Paris, Texas.

Eye swears, Ewe ca’Int make this shit up.


Stranger mis huevos.

“Eres un Para–Un ParaSiTo”… Live desde Perros Bravos Côte da’Süre

And Now, Ladies in Gemini.
Live from la ciudad de los canes del 7° Arte, its* ShowTime: (o como dicen los franceses: Su happy-hour)

[Musical Intro]
El Son de La Negra
[Zapateado por]:
La “Ñ” de El Negro

The Trail of the French Missing Boobs in Scotland

The Trail of the French Missing Boobs in Scotland — A Weekend Update.

3,2,1… SILENZIO!!!

Señoras y señores; señoritas [tal vez], la Vida es un Popurrí.

Product placement (NSFW):

“¡What a Raqueta!”, se dijo así mismo, Semolina pilchard.

—But of course!
It shows all the elements of a serial Jerk.

“And all of the perks of an asshole at The Paris Automobile Club, Boss,” said Luc Fregón, who was waiting on a friend  on at 72nd and Broadway.

— Are you saying that the missing French boobies could be tied up to the father of the Bride?

… [Y] ya todo el poker de reyes sabe como se pone el pinche Luc de Fregón cuando se le cruzan los cables, comenta Fletcher F. Fletch.

Take It

Just take the PiPis–es–esas

Take It. You Know You’ve got it.

"¿Que tal sobre el primer Oscar para tí?"

Sin Contexto, en egipcio para “El Negro”: “¿Que tal sobre el primer Oscar para tí?”… Saludos desde el otrora HuffPost (du Mexique).

Sin Contexto, en hangul:

“¿Qué tal sobre?”, le replica DiCaprio, a lo que la chica replica: “Por tu Oscar”. Las preguntas pasan a ser una conversación de besugos y la cara del flamante ganador lo denota: “Sí, está genial”, dice ya con la sonrisa asomando, tras lo que Iñárritu suelta una sonora carcajada en la que le corea toda la sala de prensa.

La periodista (de la que no se ve la cara ni cómo reacciona) no ceja en su empeño: “Es un primero, ¿qué tal sobre él?”. Sin poder contener la risa, DiCaprio le da la respuesta más correcta que puede, saliendo airoso y siendo bastante educado (no como Iñárritu):..

Quien (mira como gira el mundo) apenas hace unas horas entregase Los Palmares de Cannes SONANDO como un egipcio en apuros en un RICE patty, as Marcelus Wallace (no relation to the Purple Pundit) was there, waiting with Pitbull and a couple of “hard–piping niggas” para VOLVER(te) a ver, Renacido.

From Perros Bravos en la región de PACA(s), HEIDI  Przybyla reports.

Night and Day, baby, —Day and Night.

The Thin Red Line 72nd Edition

The Thin Red Line 72nd Edition. En egipcio.


In Search Of Diderot – 8th entry, Laughter’s mom

Dear, Sarah Silverman: you are my 2nd favorite Jew; but we [the staff] don’t know if we could ever forgive you for “Fucking Matt Damon”… even if Jimmy has.

America’s Grand Vagina is located in the Great State of Arizona… in this these beleaguered DACA times that we live in it kind of makes sense, and NOW it’s beginning to make more sense since that Cunt, Arpaio, former sheriff [one-each] was spawned there. Our guess is that the Great States of Utah and Colorado account for them Super High Cesarean Stitches, then, eh?

Way to go on redefining the part of our bodies that should be ‘censored‘, and you know Sarah, you could have not brought that issue onto the table at a more appropriate time, because after all it said and done, —and the fat lady sings— and we all turn into nothingness, laughter is the best medicine; i KNOW that if there should be a thing call the ‘after life’ Dr. Ernesto “El Che” Guevara is clapping his hands [3] in approval for finally TEACHING AMERICANS, north of the Rio Bravo, about our naked bodies in a medically charted way.

Serendipitous Solidarity, o como diría El Chavo del Ocho: fue sin querer queriendo… Anygüey, Sarah, i’m sure you’ll find a Bolivian restaurant in the Great State of New Ha-Ha-Hampshire where you can find out all about don Ramón… In any case, congratulations to the brave Stella and her uncensored HULU brest’eses for being a transcendental bridge between parallel universes and ideologies; we [the] staff would have shown Scott’s magnificent uncircumcised penis, but HENRY KISSINGER wouldn’t respond to any of “The Hitch’s” request for “Declassified” photographs of Mr. Víctor Jara’s mutilated genitalia.

… More context follows.

🎵 Oh, happy days — oh happy days… Anygüey, Sarah, we [the staff] are running out of juice on this old iPhone that we are using to kill the writen English language with, we’ve got clumsy thumbs and Cousin Joe just won’t send that dang-on New X rated version iPhone; or is it iPhone X? Who cares, the thing is that we are struggling with Supplies and wouldn’t you know it: winter is almost here.

BTW Sarah, i personally loved your Bon Jovinesque rendition of “I love you,  America”, i even thought that you were from New Jersey…

The Street is My Gallery… Foto por: armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2017. —_— Rue du Jour on the West facing Pillars of l’Église St-Eustache; Quartier Montorgueil–Saint–Denis. —_—.  Anonymous stencil artist.

Stick around, more of Sarah Silverman’s context is about to unravel, next up: Ishmael meets the Westboro tribe.

TimeStamp: the bottom of Cousin Joe’s first hour: 12h30 CET

Hey there Violín de Azotea… We’re back.  

… Meet Brozo, and the man with the politically obscene pointing digit: president Enrique Peña Nieto, we [the staff] wish that on the next presidential election of 2018, his fucking hands, and those of Bernardo Gómez would get censored from the election process.

Yes, Sarah we Mestizos (or La Raza) are aware that you Hebrews have been around the block for a while, and while 80 years is not even half the life span of the founder of your tribal laws, a Patriarch who according to Scripture got to walk on his sandals to the ripe Old age of 175*, eight decades are in fact a very long time for a country to be having to put up with a Finger up its ass every time a new presidential election is ‘staged’ and the oligarchy wins.

Que no te haga bobo Jacobo…” y de paso, que Chinguen a su madre los de Molotov. =¡= Licenciado Brozo, el staff de este pinchurriento blog que usted y su pinche productora ignora (y qué bueno por eso) le pide a usted y a todo su equipo una disculpa por no haber agarrado de rebote esa su pinche transmisión en vivo por los interwebs, pero sabe asté de que “nos agarró el sueño” y pues no hubo de otra mas que la de jetear un rato; lo bueno, licenciado, es de que “implícitamente” comenzó usted, así de bote pronto, a incluir la aritmética política como segmento de diversión educativa en su chingado changarro con patrocinador, y sea como fuese, pues eso siempre es bueno. Disfrute sus vacaciones, o como diría Liam Gallagher: As You Were.

TimeStamp: 2200 hrs. CET… and midnight has gotten a hold of Denis… we must do a Frequency Hop onto Saturday in order to continiue with this tour, but as a Birthday Bonus here´s John at The Cavern:

Happy Birthday, John… and it’s  “the” One After 909.

Sources, links and Scriptures… we [the staff] love you Sarah.

1. La Jornada en Inglés: https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2017/oct/11/sarah-silverman-i-love-you-america-hulu-politics

2. proceso en Inglés: https://www.thenation.com/article/the-death-of-che-guevara-declassified/

3. The Washington Post in Spanish:

Just the facts, Ma’am…,” was the directive of  Sgt. Joe Friday; his voice must be read CON EL DEJO DEL PRESIDENTE Salvador Allende… S.V.P. —_—. Fair use of Dan Aykroyd.


… “if it’s Sunday”

Chuck Todd is probably:

sitting on a pear tree,
or on a corn flake with Sir Paul* and Willie Giest*.

Good morning, in Americana nuggets*
Today® is the 1st day of Festevus¹ 2016.

* amer • í • ca • na
noun plural… its popularity
[apuntaría a lo mejor,
un villancico de Milenio . com]

"El periodismo necesita inversión". | Grupo Milienio—Monterrey N.L. (México).

“El periodismo necesita inversión”. | Grupo Milienio—Monterrey N.L. (México).

es la alternativa que los “gringos”
le dieron al sustantivo que el resto del mundo
define como cultura material.

Right now… Chuck Todd is cutting
Donald Trump’s 2016 into three parts
National Issues just made the rounds…

A guy named H. Hewwitt is betting on Constructing Walls, Katy Tur [hello] is pushing for jobs, and “el” WaPo is echoing Chris Matthews infrastructure jingles.

TimeStamp 20:20 CET and it’s time :
for Round 2, National Security.
Right now, “the” POTUS-elect
is probably watching…
[the good thing about this blog]
is that Hugh Hewwitt doesn’t watch;
Joy Ann Reid to his left, maybe,
“I’m an optimist”.

Today’s word of the day is todo aquello que resultaría para Los Estados Unidos Americanos como una simplepena pecunaria“. The reason —as you may or may not know— includes all of those damn Trump Towers and Ties around the globe. Round two leaves two candles lit on the set of: Conoce a “la” prensa, una para Rusia y la otra para China. ¿Cuál de las dos quemará más las relaciones diplomaticas del Departamento de Estado que nos espera.

Round 3… The showman /populist segment
P.T. Barnum to scene. P.T. Barnum to scene.
Coming Up: The West Wing and Mussolini quotes…
A direct line to the inventor of Fascism.
TimeStamp: 10 minutos para las 9 de la noche en CET.

—intermedio para los que se fueron—
[Cortesía de With All due Respect]

The epilogue of today’s round table show:
… en Meet The Press a eso le dicen
“the” End Game.
Coming Up: “Who is the Democratic Party”
By Katy Kur… a new circus show²,
but not in North Carolina,
Progressives have banned that state.

Y colorín colorado… La temporada —2016 de Chuck Todd cerró el show.

If it’s Sunday…“,
and if it’s Christmas;
well, entonces Chucky
a lo mejor no es otra cosa
más que pura SERENDIPIA.

Uso justo de todos los cierres de temporadas, y de las aperturas para clausurar. | Fair use of Monterrey [64010] en Rungis [94150].

Uso justo de todos los cierres de temporadas, —y de las aperturas para clausurar. | Fair use of Monterrey [64010] en Rungis [94150].

Pero hablando de navidades… Did you know that it was the French, los que inventaron el arbolito de la navidad?

… ahora, puesto que “El periodismo necesita inversión”: El tronco común de las fuentes citadas —in no particular order.

[sources follow… time now: 1100hrs in CET.]

Número UNO:

Los codos de Monterrey… condenados judios*: Happy Menorá y Janucá day:

http ://www .elhorizonte .mx /opinion /editorial /los-codos-de-monterrey- /1651939

*With all due respect, of course.

Número DOS:

Surreal,” Heilemann said, describing the night… as read on DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD; via: http ://deadline .com /2016 /12 /donald-trump-bloomberg-with-all-due-respect-cancel-today-end-1201863325 /