Deer, Alexis Axios — ^ The origins of los Super KaKas en la tierra de el nopal.

Forward to: Dion Rabouin

Ca-ca$$$$h-Chink .:. 7542DD34-699E-4445-921E-D605FAF66FAB 💵💶💰💸🛢🔫💡🎚⛽️🛥✈️🚂⚾️🌮🌶🍌🌵🦖🦗🎩🧶 —_•!•_—  “Just like Starting Over”, «Watching the wheels go by», ‘It’s cleanup time’— BEAUTIFUL, beautiful, plebe.

Dear, Alexis McCammond, please inform Dion “the wanderer” Rabouin that he is giving socialism a bad rap-sheet when he starts the first sentence of his profound understanding of a the “dinosaur” syndrome in politics, with AMLO as an example of socialism; to put it on a Venn Diagram for his “perspicacia”, identifying AMLO as a socialist cat is like establishing that Mike Bloomberg is a “donkey–riding” democrat; capire l’antifona? Or…

_would you prefer, Cousin Joe, if öüï [the staff] dress the 12–year Mexican candidate as a messiah and strap his holy-ass to the mexican president’s buttocks? Because don Andrés sure is acting like a Jim Jones en La Nueva Jerusalén, Michoacán, for as you know, mr. Rabouin [if that is in fact –is your real name], it’s not just “investors” that AMLO is making richer, phony evangelists are also on the ledger under “accounts payable”.

https ://es .wikipedia .org/ wiki/ Nueva_Jerusalén_(Michoacán)

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