YESTERday —Infra struct uration

• No se dio el giro que Biden prometió

Chapingo can Wait… Agro•pecua•rio 🇨🇺
From La Jornada:
La mayoría de países 🗺 denunciaron en la Asamblea General 🕊 esta política injustificable, sobre todo durante una emergencia de salud mundial 🏥

Repudio casi unánime en la ONU al bloqueo estadunidense a Cuba

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/06/24 /mundo /021n1mun

... Now Wait A Minute Jazz-Ah-fip, don't go digging that pinky finger of yours on that pretty dimple chic of Yours. You are Knot, Eye repeats, Ewe are Knot the Last Coca Cola at La URUZA. You keep that tempo up y como dicen en Miami: the Rhythm is gonna get you. Alas, Öüï hope is not to soon.

“Something  something, English…* for starters, Matt Damon’s illegitimate long-lost twin sister is opening a Zoo. Be vegui vegui quiet, it’s Pink Zebra season, over at The Ozarks, Claire McCass just called Mayor Bill de Blasio incompetente reported un residentetete, and over at Hidalgo’s headquarters on la rue Rivoli…

_the Mayor in charge there asked Gotham City what’s taking so GotDamn long with the ballot count, Mayor Anne reverberates the former Missouri Senator’s sentiments adding that, “when it comes to vote count, the NYC election board is looking like a bunch of circus animals (from Boston).”

WHY? 🇮🇱, What INTEREST could drive your exiled land-grabbing government to vote against the 🇨🇺embargo?
But more CONCRETE and to the point, is this the NEW FACE OF YOUR IRON WALL SYSTEM after ousting the Donald Trump version of the Jews? [Come’on Man!, in Yiddish goes here]

With a stiff upper lip, Claire started an office pool on what will be solved first by the press, the New York City mayoral race or, the collapse of the 40-year old building in Miami-Dade County.

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