Inter💋medio con La MABM (Nº2.71)

Grrrrr… 👄 Dear, Debbie “bacardi”… It is you, former Rep. who is wrong on the EMBARGO, and it is HER, the Current U.S. Representative from Queens (N.Y.) who is on the correct side of Humanitarian History, more on that after the Olympic Moment with Tiffany -time delayed- Cross town traffic.

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Sexiest man alive… Fuck You George Clooney!

In local news, never mind the anti-covid protests at LA GARE de Saint LAZARE, Metro Line 14 (the purple line) that’s just the RIGHT WING of the frogs being idiots, pay close attention however to the following INFRASTRUCTURE Public Service Announcement regarding the aforementioned line; M14 will be closed from TODAY, July 25th all the way until AUGUST 8th but it only involves the stops from the GARE de LYON to OLYMPIADES (same goes for the RER Cthe Yellow Lead Better line) as this line, M-14 (∴my favorite line∴) is currently being connected to the ORLY International Airport. The delay is really not that bad considering the options available to move around this Olympic Villa.

Em#botella—miento… Contexte pour Cousin Joe via AVI VELSHI en IRAN, con ESCALA en La Havana* (l‘amour est dans l’AIR) — Fuck The Olympics (punto y coma) The Guardian*: “The quixotic notion that the Olympics could be a champion of human rights – and that staging the Games would open up authoritarian hosts to international norms and scrutinywas completely undermined by Beijing 2008, then rendered risible by the Sochi Winter Games in 2014… 

Je ne parle pas Espagnol … Lingua Franca es InglÉs, SVP

* Dear, President Joe Biden:

https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /mexico-preparing-shipment-food-medicine-cuba-mexican-official- 2021-07-22/

Your counterpart in México is making you look like a Ur-fascist¹, or as George Clooney would call you at an Italian get together, an ETERNAL PRIMITIVE (primate). In Texas, Mr. President, you look like a TWO-faced Ronald Reagan.

¹ ibid… https ://www .openculture .com /2016/11 /umberto-eco-makes-a-list-of-the-14-common-features-of-fascism .html

2 de Octubre, 1968: “Salió el sol” according to Mexican nightly news and, the International Olympic Committee president, “was at the ballet”. The GUARDIAN* goes on to highlight that, << He then reacted to the greatest ever display of athlete activism at the games – the black power salutes – by destroying the careers of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. The IOC’s history is one of genuflecting before power and violence, and bullying the athletes it claims to revere >>.

Thank you for THE CHARITY; but JUSTICE is a better Deal, señor(es) Presidente. Call me… or KNOT.

X-más in July / Surfing UAE

🎶 All I need is a pint a day

F-35, Drones, and all of the $23 POINT 37 billion package–lobbying made by the Trump “inaugural committee” is a-go. Because, Fuck Yemen. Just like Cuba, right? And yes, goD bless little fucking Havana, i guess. Semiotics has got to invent a form of messaging for this level of hypocrisy

Öüï begins in Spain, where lawmakers there have agreed on a final DRAFT for what Umberto Eco would sure have approved —if Knot— called it himself “Ley de Memoria Democrática”, which it is fucking supposed to cure the Cancer of Alzheimer on “la Falange” del Primo de Rivera, not Diego—Pablo… A Pint-a-They, “a–they”.

It is incumbent on the word processor fellow responsible for this paragraph (Mí), to inform the non-reader of this particular wordpress blog (Ewe) that number one, i haven’t a fucking clue on who the caricature below is supposed to represent; number two, at the time when the eavesdrop was ah-happening, the fellow below ⬇️ was probably eating Nutella™️ crackers at SciencesPo while his current boss was eating mole con doña Gaviota en Cuernavaca… What a Difference A They Makes (re-arrangement for mariachi) :



And, Señora Carmen Lira-n-Roll Saade, please relay to the Hopscotch Crew at GRANMA and of course, doña Vilma Fuentes en La MAUB that, ÖÜÏ is no longer covering the bases on the good side of that fucking WALL in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Los de la rayuela, however, Señora Lira, could perhaps maybe try with the performance crew of morenafrancia en La Asociación de Gilberto Bosques en París.

Well, i done told y’all that I’ve never been to Spain. Gawd Damn It! • ¡Más FRANCO ni los gallegos, májete.

So, you paint president’s portraits, eh?

“El arquitecto de tus lados incorrectos… 🎶 🛶

Porte-avions de nouvelle génération… for Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 🎶 The Sheik he drove his [FABULOSO] Cadillac He went a cruisin’ down the ville…

I want you to draw me like one of your French whores .:.

And Alicia Menendez, never mind Saudi Arabia and the UAE… remember the next time that you read “the book”, I did tell you all a few days ago —que ya valió, Belgas. And Nicolle, —if you are knot reading— i can hear the dirty little coodies bubbling like the last Alka-Seltzer™️ during an Epic hangover at the playground.

Coming to theaters this Fall. Leonardo di Caprio stars as Jack, and i honestly just forgot —What’s The Name of The Rose? Umberto?

Hey, JACK! The Sea of Cortéz called... he said that Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point for gringos) told him that La Vaquita is fucked:

Gobierno de AMLO abandona a la vaquita marina, que se acerca a la extinción

Anyhow, The Last Dictator on the Scene of Eastern Europe is getting a “La Vie Est Belle” review in Washington, D.C. —of all places— and with that in mind ÖÜÏ now returns to SIX DEGREES of Bacon bits on the Old César Salad diet regime.

FO’ist, and for the sake of skipping Eco’s NUMBERS GAME on pages 32º and 33º ÖÜÏ is going to create a new level of SINCRETISMO on the Back of El Toro de Guamúchil, Sonora, Fernando Valenzuela, Nº 34: “Let’s Play Hardball”

Miopía para principiantes (Tyson de Grasse Cave’s)

Deliverance: Squint like a pig.

And Roger, my friend, please relay to The American Priest who is sponsoring all of that awesome art at the gates of the Lord of Vandières and Cernay final resting place, that he might have to 🎶 squint [his] eyes a little closer, because i am beyond [his] peripheral vision… I am 32 flavors, —and then some.

Ladies in Gemini: Valga la redundancia, el rock del Éte. Interpreted by Joshua “gran belga” Johnson in the role of Jason “el flamenco” Johnson… and she’ll like it, Aussie — tAmBiÉn:

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Liste_des_statues_des_façades_de_l%27hôtel_de_ville_de_Paris# /media /Fichier:Hotel_de_ville_paris037.jpg

M. Mole will tell you, you have got to know your mole, is it made with that Ol’Thyme PiPoPe recipe or, Alicia MenÉndez (You Sexy mother of child) is the aforementioned moleprepared with the Hyde-and-sic variety from Puerto Escondido?

MOLES!!! Doña María! 💨

In any case, Joshua Johnson, you have got to know how to distinguish between your pasty Farmer John™️ Cal Perry Unions from your Medeas secret collard greens molcajetes in Veracruz… i believe that in Banderilla the natives there call that Dish: chayote.

I must insist, Mme. Hidalgo, your tourism board has no fucking imagination what-So-ever… pass the biscuits.

It’s Prime Time in Hilo, Hawaii, and in Paris, France, ya valió belga 🌬 🎵 It’s just another They, tun tun, Tune — Thun.

sEgovie not Segovia, bartolomE not Bartolomé


Pleased to meet you…

1918 – Russian Revolution: Bolsheviks executed Tsar Nicholas II and his family at Yekaterinburg.

And, Madame Hidalgo… “isn’t anybody going to help that PO’h Man, Bam-Man Watta Bam-Bah! —_*¡*_— Eye said it once, and AY! Says, IT! A-gain the rEgie thinks that he has an imagination… the RéGIE DOESN’t. 🛶 Eye calls this snapshot: Grafiti EnSabHanado. 

“Are we supposed to google in the solo”

🎶 And the colored girls go:

That depends, Stephanie Ruhle.


Eye means, it depends if little “Frida Sophia’s” FAKE sobredosis de Cemento means anything to Ewe, I mean, Stephanie Ruhle, ‘member that very real anguish that you felt upon seeing all of that rubble on the kids?


Now i know That Camus said this, but under the circumstances (in real time, not after half of The Vatican relocates to La Argentina after the Parisian Velodrome incident), i think that i am saying this best: … “ context for The American Priest in Paris, follows », even if Saint-Eustache has a hair up their EAR DRUM 👂🏼. Hiccups for freedom!




https ://elpais .com /mexico /2021-07-14 /condenado-a-208-anos-de-prision-el-director-de-obra-del-colegio-rebsamen-desplomado-en-el-terremoto-de-2017 .html

Let It Be Sympathy FO’ lumiEr, pues. _*|*_ Last week today witnessed the removal of the statue of Yosemite Sam from the Anastasia memorial in Yekaterinburg, but what this week here to They might be unaware of is that Mr. montes d’Eco here [ironically] got the idea to “coin” the term, « l’Ur-facisme » from non other than “el sacerdote rupestre”, primitivo y esencial dijo la hache que por cierto, Carla Bruni, es muda como la de Umberto.

Public Notice. Washington, D.C.


The Reverend Kasie Hunt ceased operations as a pundit and will now operate under the title of Dr. Hunt, M.D… hilarity ensues when Brazilian President gets a marathon case of the HICCUPS.

1945 – Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman, and Joseph Stalin (all pictured), leaders of the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Soviet Union respectively, met in Potsdam to decide what should be done with post-war Germany.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /us /charlottesville-remove-confederate-statue-center-deadly-2017-protest -2021-07-10/

A KINDER Gentler Hitler.

🎵 Killed the Tsars and his ministers
Anastasia (sin anestesia) screemed in pain

And, Pierre, please relay to Clementine that, yes, yes, yes; with sugar on top, —La Tour Eiffel est lA.