And President Biden… Woof–woof!

Dear, Joe Biden, —president. It is Oh-Nine and a ¼ on the pm in Hilo, Hawaii time and, Mr. Présidente (punto y coma) maYor gremlins are strategically hindering the Benevolent WiFi (paris/bourse de commerce) connection to our [] word processor site on the opposite side of that SandClock ⏳⌛️. Shop at am/pm… and fuck the WaWa.

Traduit de l’italien par M. Bou•z’aher (Myriam Bouzaher… and Roger, yo no puedo inventar este trabalenguas; ask Umberto). —_•¡•_—  Barrio 71 follows… RECONNAÎTRE le fascisme (punto y coma) ©️Éditions Grasset & Fasquelle, (Essai tiré de Cinque Scritti Morali) 2010.

https ://portswigger .net /daily-swig /interview-patchstacks-oliver-sild-on-securing-wordpress-one-plugin-vulnerability-at-a-time

You literally already tried this with Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious… the outcome was the death of Paul when HE DIDN’t NOTICED THAT THE LIGHT HAD CHANGED:

Ofrece EU a la FGR (MEXICO’s Préfecture) ‘software’ de “espionaje controlado”

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/07/27 /politica /ofrece-eu-a-la-fgr-software-de-espionaje-controlado/

The Face of God*

What’s next, Joe? Youse gonna shoot Charlie?

If your Administration can end the George Bush War in Irak, and leave essential workers stranded in Afghanistan to be killed by the Taliban, why? —Why can’t you lift the embargo on Cuba and see what happens, eh? Heck, Mr. Biden, come-on Man!

You [Sir] make Jeb Bush’s son look like a Bush Family loyalist, even after that little Florida fucker—turned Texan to run for office there (Lone Star State) seeking the endorsement of your predecessor, aka Nicolle Wallace’s former guy, “el Don”, o algo así… but i, armando segovia, wouldn’t know on account that I Voted for you to “Build it back better”… i did not know that this is what your Administration meant ⤵️

Lorem ipsum… pasa la Rocha.

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