Dear, Mike Barnicle, is it true that your wife is a racist cunt?

Say it ain’t so, Anne Finucane.
Musical Guest:

This is how The Little Prince says ehLLO-Ehllo.

Charles Ray
The Magick in Theory and Practice Lonely Hearts Bulc Dnab

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Deer, Mike Barnicle, please PROVE yesterday’s CLAIM in LA JORNADA, WRONG; that the Bank of America is drawing the RACIST, card… Never mind Ukraine. This looks like a job for The REIDOUT.


If {and ONLY} if, the above video is true, THEN {and ONLY THEN} this statement applies:

No Silly “rabbit” you can’t have your OWN MONEY if a Bank of America teller thinks that youse a nigger. On the SUNNY SIDE of life, it was probably better that the pig (behind the teller) and her “mammie” friend at the “good job officer” main entrance called the PEACE OFFICERS to DRAW THEIR GLOCKS on you, before the withdrawal and not WHILE DRIVING under the influence of BLACK.

“I am He” = Eh ma Eye, and Willie GEIST, “Lips Bigger Than Jagger, KNOT saggin, spell it backwards“, and Chuck THEE, “will leave, IT! at D.A.T.“.

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