Tell me what Ewe, see? — Eye see where John buried a Blackbird

Samedi, 17 mars 2018

“Christ, you know it ain’t easy”...

“Christ, you know it ain’t easy”…

Interesting night—last night as we [the staff] went on the prowl for “Les Jupes de FIP”, an epic cris-cross around the 4th district in an attempt to reach the Sirens ensued… anygüey, long promenade short we ended up at “the” Historical Library of the City of Paris, instead of “the” Paris City Hall’s Library, and, necessary to mention, as opposed to the worn out “needles to say”, the Historical Biblithèque es uno d’esos lugares insolitos en la ciudad… The staff was fortunate enough to arrive for the second part of a Senegalese Kora player +1… the kora handler’s name is Lamine Cissokho; we [the staff] are on the hunt for the name of the +1… stay tuned for details; we are still trying to decipher the brochure official 3rd edition  of “the” Paris Music Festival on the 105.1 en frecuencia bien modulada.

So that’s where the Blackbird eternal nest is at! eh. }—-~~~\*> Foto y diseño por armando segovia / segoviaspixes… Keep on CopyingLefting on the Creative Commons trip.

Blackbird sources follow, gotta find the Walrus first…


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