The return of Fenster the Copywriter •|• A funny re–Reich Happened on the Way to Orleans

Playin’ QuetShap with Willie Geist…

Previously on Dangling HasteRisk*
Willie was relayin’ to the Bo Gents
that, as a matter of F.A.C.T.,
a). All Tontos en México son
en efecto, unos pinches bobos.
b). En París, Francia,
no todos los BoBos son tontos.
c). , “Ke–M’O Sah–BEE »…

Dear, Michael —– MOORE—–

Please standby for AAR (after action REvi3w), in the mean time, while Parasite gets a Kemchi welcome across the world of film: be advices bee advised that the Korean peninsula D.I.S.H. is like real good French Cheese, at first ; it smells of rotten toe–J.A.M.Z. and wet farts, but the ewe’s get used to it. Any güey, Mr. Moore, please relay to the All–In Crew at the Morning Maddow’s with a side of Joe on the Mika fronts that all is quiet on the Western f.R.o.N.t of La Maison de Poseidon.

Producciones Marsouin de Seine

Producciones Marsouin de [LA] Seine, presenta: “Tomo, para no enamorarme. Me enamoro para no beber”; Bersuit BergaraBRAT. •|• Gabriela Sabatini reporta que La Argentina no estaba muerta. Según un pescador de vaquitas marinas en La Paz (AZTLAN), la muy cochona (la Argentina se llama Concepción, y pues llamarla “concha” les resulta muy altiSonante a los muy Gauchos de las Pompas) se fue a vaciar unas C.A.G.U.A.M.A.S. —ALASKAntinas—  con SAX, el compadre de Roco, y caifán de los Hijos del Quinto Patio.

Coming up in the programming:

• It’s Sex Ed 2112 for Kindergarten-level AP Courses… o cómo dicen en CATEMACO: un amarre de Banderilla en el buque “Dunkerque” de Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (en Andromeda).

Je Peux .... mais ..... Je ne peux pas

Je Peux …. mais ….. Je ne peux pas: ACA81A1A-FEFB-4879-A15F-07DCAB51FFA6 •|• “Regard mon Taatoo ; c’est toi. ». TimeStamp: 18h20 in Central S.I.R.E.N. Times. }-—-~~~\,,,*> … It used to BEE, that every Wednesday a very unique wail used to sound across La France, perhaps that is why the Frogs haven’t noticed the change in temperature… CROW Droppings follow ; CATCH, motherfucker.

• Hear Mí Out Franck, MACUSPANA is already below ye’Old clam d’Orleans

Macuspana, TABASCO


• Dear, Théâtre de la ville à Cité Université (75014): Fuck You —y también—  La Casa de los gobiernos de México en Francia que te acompañan.

Po’l mient’las:




Herr, Trump: lasst mich euch fragen… Act III in Central NATO Time.

TimeStamp: 20 para las Dos de la tarde en París.

Déjame preguntarte… ¿de qué éxito estás hablando? ¡Pinche Presidente Pendejo!!!

The Fall is coming

Mientras tanto en Europa… The Interwebs are on The Verge de valer verga.

TimeStamp: The Colours of Your Mind… Satan’s Pilgrims ask the congregation to Lean on Me…  lean on him.

The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market… translation: Effective Content Recognition Technologies… “Oui… vive la banane”… CENSORSHIP MACHINES by any other nomenclature. Fucking Meme Killers.


Coming up on the programming: don’t miss FLUKY el INTERLOCUTOR en PARÍS ISSY, wouldn’t you Fucking Know It! The “S” is Silent —en Francés— y El OCHO El 8 es un MAMBO AHHHHH—UHHHH

F.I.P. meets C.T.R. •–_!_–• Uso justo de todos los encuentros fortuitos… anygüey, fuck Donald J. Trump.

“Paul’s broken-a-glass… a-glass, he’s broken today”

The good thing about this most inconsequential blog/
is that i’ll never know
What it’s Like to be Read

One-two-three, one-two-three …

(guitars strumming)

Hold on, hold on!

Ah, I was out …

No, I’m just gonna raise this so’s it’s nearer the bass strings than the top string …

(a glass shatters)

Ladies in Gemeni… con ustedes: Sir Paul.

Paul’s broken-a-glass, broken-a-glass, Paul’s broken-a-glass, a-glass-a-glass, he’s broken today!

(fiddling with guitar strings)


(guitar strum)

One- … oh, are you ready? Macca? One-two-three, one-two-three!

PickAMoonDog… “well EWE can Syndicate any Boat you Row”.