Herr, Trump: lasst mich euch fragen… Act III in Central NATO Time.

TimeStamp: 20 para las Dos de la tarde en París.

Déjame preguntarte… ¿de qué éxito estás hablando? ¡Pinche Presidente Pendejo!!!

The Fall is coming

Mientras tanto en Europa… The Interwebs are on The Verge de valer verga.

TimeStamp: The Colours of Your Mind… Satan’s Pilgrims ask the congregation to Lean on Me…  lean on him.

The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market… translation: Effective Content Recognition Technologies… “Oui… vive la banane”… CENSORSHIP MACHINES by any other nomenclature. Fucking Meme Killers.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/9f6syd/eu_approves_controversial_internet_copyright_law/

Coming up on the programming: don’t miss FLUKY el INTERLOCUTOR en PARÍS ISSY, wouldn’t you Fucking Know It! The “S” is Silent —en Francés— y El OCHO El 8 es un MAMBO AHHHHH—UHHHH

F.I.P. meets C.T.R. •–_!_–• Uso justo de todos los encuentros fortuitos… anygüey, fuck Donald J. Trump.

“Paul’s broken-a-glass… a-glass, he’s broken today”

The good thing about this most inconsequential blog/
is that i’ll never know
What it’s Like to be Read

One-two-three, one-two-three …

(guitars strumming)

Hold on, hold on!

Ah, I was out …

No, I’m just gonna raise this so’s it’s nearer the bass strings than the top string …

(a glass shatters)

Ladies in Gemeni… con ustedes: Sir Paul.

Paul’s broken-a-glass, broken-a-glass, Paul’s broken-a-glass, a-glass-a-glass, he’s broken today!

(fiddling with guitar strings)


(guitar strum)

One- … oh, are you ready? Macca? One-two-three, one-two-three!

PickAMoonDog… “well EWE can Syndicate any Boat you Row”.