Don Diablo y los amantes bandidos

Let them listen to radio.

Step right in, this is:

It used to be μεταμόρφωσις 🔥


Free VISA for France

This is the kit:

1. No matter what Shit Hole paradise you are fleeing from, get your ass over to one of the two imaginary wormholes in Mexico, one being Tlaxcala and the most popular of them Tú… Baja California Sur.

Lucifer Rising


2. Become 🌯 Mexican 🌮… it’s not hard, both the Reverend Al Sharpton and Eek-a-Mouse have surmounted that Donkey Show. Give the Mexican Fédérales the code “Pancho Villa” and order yo’self a motherfucking Michelada with cocaine around that sexy cocktail glass instead of salt.


3. Get your BARAJAS (Madrid) straight, board the aeroplane and get yourself a tourist visa, don’t forget the Stamp! caballero, and after a couple of tacos de patatas bravas at The Costa Brava, take yo’Ass over to the Côte d’Azur, where them Rosbifs go, to be, “The Beautiful Ones”.

This film has not been rated, yet.


3~. This blog has not the security clearance to show you D.A.T..

Jump to mañana instead.

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