Swatting not squatting — Never mind BASE-ketball here comes base-BOX

Intermission remains in effect.

Section 230, at 3 Rockefeller Plaza…

Smile, Juanito Guanavacoa stars as the shifty taxi driver in Tú-LA, Hidalgo, in Central Mexico.


https ://www .lefigaro .fr /sortirparis /2013/04/23 /how-to-be-a-Parisian snob-in-50-lessons

For context, Cousin Joe at the Morjo Show was ringing the Emerson Brothers bell. At Botzaris near la rue Hidalgo en Buttes Chaumont (home of the Pueblaennogada Pavillon) Juanito Guanavacoa was trying to polish his own knob by pulling an :

I (Juanito Guanabacoa) re-discovered Armando Lenin Salgado (El Halconazo 1971), and I (Francisco Belmont) am going to bring him to Paris, so that I (Juanito Belmont) too, may play the harmonica at the Beaubourg like Malik « the Sweed » Bendjelloul did.

Congratulations to the Swedish soccer team on their victory of the U.S. ⚽ team at the Oceania World Cup. Aussie, penalties down under in Australia are the Ene- Mí, I have said it once, and I repeat that again, ibid.

Eye is complementing the Plaint, not you Tim Miller, Ewe bean-eating motherfucker, what are you, part of Sam Stein’s tribe at Politico, or just another beaner on the M🦚TV?


30. Arguing that Rodriguez (Sixto) is superior to Robert Zimmerman (Dylan). A charge all the more pungent as the person concerned is a virtual unknown, whose first two albums released forty years ago went unnoticed… except in Australia and South Africa, where he became a “cult” without knowing it . The success of the documentary Sugar Man gives him his revenge… at 70 years old.

Note to editors:
Armando Lenin Salgado died in 2018, as usual, “[A]ll characters and events in this post—even those based on real people—are entirely fictional. All celebrity quotes are impersonated… poorly³“.

¹~. De sapientia veterum, by Francis Bacon in Arthur Weststeijn’s, “The Power of « Plaint Stuff »: Fables and Frankness in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republicanism”.

³~. South Park, the Francis Bacon episode, “the fable serves as a very appropriate expedient for instruction and persuassion, the higher goals of rhetoric beyond simple entertainment and delight.”¹

¹§~. I am paraphrasing here, but what’s his name, Arthur… delivers a double-header that would split ol’ Janus into a precautionary cousin of Twentyfirst-century WATTabbottisms on Second Base at the “Progressive Field” in former Indian 🪶 territory, now it’s nothing more than Guardians stomping grounds: Chicago 🧦 is DOWN! CHICAGO 🧦 IS DOWN! ibid 🧦… and below you’ll CY.

Previously on The Arrival : well slap Mí silly, They Live! 👓


Disclaimer: I am not French, never will be… that is to say, in the i’s and e’s of the following individuals:

° Georgina Moreno (y todo el puto ensamble de morena-francia)

° Alicia Leo’s (y ciertos mariachis huapangeros del FANdanGO de la escena europea).

° Jorge Harmodio (y los Amigos mexicanos de Pablo Gleason en Francia).

little ol’ I, i am KNOT 🪢 qualified to “Analyze This,” Fockersbut I sure [do] have the compétences.

For starters, getting back to the Six degrees of Francis Bacon, Arthur Weststeijn pulled an “opposing view points”⁸ on Sir Francis’-es take on the fable, I’m paraphrasing off–course, but just as Bacon (no relation to Kevin) defended the old fabulists like what’s his name, Aesop? Sir Francis also reserved the fear of pre-occupying himself with populists who turn fables into the Gospel of the church of The Sacred Bleeding Heart of Latter Theys Evangelical Scientology en la calle Stanton de El Paso, Texas.

So there’s that.


Back on the chain gang… Santa Cassez, ruega por ellos, ellas y …’s-es-es.

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