P.E.N. Club doesn’t even have a “tee” for translation³

Elvis Presley 🇺🇸 asks, “What time is it?”

Jean-Pierre 🇨🇵 Asvasadourian réplique:
Las que usted quiera, Mí Rey.

Check it out, Juan—Pierre, the “el” between the V ain’t nuttin’ but the “is”, as, él is… C’mon, Martin! This is no time for Siesta.

A talent en proximité, and mister Ambassador Asvasadourian, before I agree to another “homeless survey,” en la surveillance de la Préfecture de Cité, I need to make a Full-circle on a Full Buck Moon for the benefit of the good chaps and cunts at l’Insee and Mains Libres at la rue des Bourdonnais.

https ://twitter .com /AsvazadourianJP /status /s=20

And, heartbreaker: Zeppelin goes here.

And here is why, señor Frog entre axolotls en technicolor and a Pentatonix 👼🏼👼🏽👼🏾👼🏿👼³ foundation en la Gran Tenochtitlán, because before your precious little institute asks what structures, we the clochards de la frivolité fréquent in France, perhaps you should ask the reason why we ended up asking for hand-outs, pero sí, Excmo. señor Embajador J-P Asvasadourian, that’s a nice shot of Roma, you got there, it would be a shame if someone was to set a match to it.

³~. Good reads à la bibliothèque de La Francia en México… nevermind the burnt one just across Alexandria en Marseille, Book’en-bald; because the only revolt that matters is the one in A. France with Anges, Singes, and off-course: signs.


Ladies in Gemini, it’s a 4th of July weekend and if you are French you probably have no fucking idea who Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette, is.


Thee notoriousMarquis de La Fayette” as Martha Washington referred to that mason, there…  that slut!


Like Mika Brzezinski,
she Knew Her Value


Las noticias de México en Francia: from our correspondents at CNN (those cocksuckers*)…
Racism itself is often treated as a foreign concept in France, so much so that the French language often doesn’t have its own words to discuss race-related issues, Niang pointed out.
French people often use anglicisms to address issues of race rather than the French equivalent – for example: ³

³~. Mí, period!

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