Last Month to They: Pandora came out of Rodolfo’s Öüï-öüí*

🎹 Oh, Lorde—please don’t let Mí be misunderstood. It’s only a draft, not a 100-paragraph indictment sandwich, or something like that.

“Las Traigo Muertas.” M.G.

For the record:

*~. Pronounced in the voice of little Nicole Wallace when she is on detention in the little boys room, Bruno Le Marie guest-stars as the man with the Ruler 📏 on hand.

And the winner of the First Annual Pamela Cerdeira Kebab Award goes to….

Adeline François de BFM’er TV 

Meanwhile at The Outback… it’s, “pasa la rocha Ricardo, don’t Bogart that 🇲🇽 mañanera,” said Astrud as they both crossed over to another place, only to find out that there is no smoking on board.

Yo Tengo Otros Datos y son las 8 de la mañana Sr. Presidente.

Breaking now at the other güey con los brazos abiertos en Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro:

OK… 💨 if Ewe insist, Gilberto 🇧🇷 … hop right in, that’s it just a little hop like frogs dew.

See Ewe at 7… if I am knot tied down at CDG


Öüí finds La Kerschovas (LK) screaming: “ay Chihuahua!”

LK — DEER, Lorde! These ribs taste just like Indiana’s babies. Say there Lorde, might the sacrificed swine be-fed on black soldier fly larvae before the slaughter?

Ipanema…not Iztapalapa … Barrio Bravo, no de La Condesa.


Deer Lorde — Don’t be silly, GO’ill De Niza… out here in The Outback, Öüï does not discriminate, all fly larvae are equal under the feeding plan… It’s like the final solution for ewes in Galilée, you take away their babies and make use of every last millimeter of product that can be processed from the sheeple.

LK — Mmmh… bah-tha… that is quite an undertaking (no pun intended), who manages this monumental piggies holocaust?

Deer Lorde — We hired an architect from La France.

LK — Ah! That must be CHIRAC. Such a gourmand, that man really knew his little piggies.

Deer Lorde — Actually, it was Mitterrand… that man had experience with logistics, ovens and babies


Oh, les luthieries, bring in the luthadores pues, with musical guest, Lucha Villa y el mariachi de los sombreros de la galaxia de Garfunkel, Simón que sí, Straddi.


1947 – 2023

Su Lucha… they call it, “catch”… and, Rachel Maddow… do you remember, “Pepe”? Eye believes you emphasized the part where you make a tippy-toes reference to LA GRENOUILLERIE, on your show all those Beers ago.

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