It’s the top of the Seventh inning and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the mound

“Soy segunda gener-achión latina…³” _ París, Francia, en Décalage con Hilo, Hawaii. Las References del Bordo en La Calle Stanton, not form los amigos de El Bardo en Francia


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In Local News, French President, Emmanuel Macron, met with his counterpart from The Ukraine to discuss los pormenores of the Kentucky Windage of them RAFALES, in the process Mr. Macron wasted no time and infiltrated the Polish Watch on the Eastern Front.

Mr. Macron, concerned with them Poles new leadership’s role at la OTAN, sent 🇪🇦 Funès de Galarza 🇨🇵. Funès’es mission was to kidnap the Polish Minister of Defense, take his uniform, and replace him for the interview with the Brzezinski bomb-shell.

Mr. Macron strategy depended on that dumb-country-fried-floribama-Mormon next to Mika never having heard of, « The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob », especially on the eve of its 50th anniversary release.

It worked!

2011 reloaded | Las estúpidas “calaveritas”, with Sugar on Top.

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