Syndicated Suicide is Beautiful — Wabbit Ears Fuchs like FOXes-es

Sread’em if you have’em 📺

Wabbit Ears and The Squid on The FOXes-ese


Live from Ellis Island, it’s a re-interpretation of the cinematographic saga of Puzo, on the back of a… Greyhound Bus.

Issy, that last part reads like a LINE taken out of context from an Allman Brother’s track, but just because them camiones are chartered from Colorado doesn’t mean that the trip is not the Start of a new American Saga, not to be confused with the “Saga” at Jour et Nuit Culture Center in Saint-Michel.

Give me your masa 🌽 leave the Doritos®️ in the bus.

Synopsis, Little Vito, arrives from the Golden Triangle 📐 in Santiago Papasquiaro. A dumb redneck asks little Vito (short for Victoriano) his name, long syllables short, the FOX NEWS–viewing immigration dummy spots little Vito’s place of birth [Goméz Palacio, DGO]; little Vito became Gomes, because the Uniformed Goon was a Guerreiro from Lisbon.


After the Break, it’s bring Mi, The Q., But first, we switch, IT!, to McCallen, Texas, where “un sirenito” on vacation in Tampico, México, served as postre on “Juacho’s Plate””.

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