Ringo… You are not going to believe where Lucie got her Diamonds from?

But first, the news, a pet beluga escaped from a Russian oligarch’s private Sea World in Le Havre. At a breakfast meeting with a pair of honeymooners down by the Seine, Amnesty International was not available for comment.

Sources close to the Bolivian receptionist at the Paris Siège en La Villette relay that Amnesty International are all–hands–on–deck at Parentis-en-Born dans les Landes, looking out for the espontáneos charged by the Bull ♉ between Venus and The Beaubourg.

https ://www .lemonde .fr /planete /article /2022/08/06 /le-beluga-repere-dans-la-seine-va-recevoir-des-vitamines _6137383_3244 .html

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