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Well… You’ve ho’ID about the Sunday mornings radio program, “Breakfast With The Beatles”.

It’s Knot One of Dos.

Saturn 🪐 is Knot 🪢 what you think, and today he turned little Neptune into a fish that looks like a mammal.

Dear, mister Xavier Rey, please be advised that the following is a reference point of the coordinates used in the methodology FOR WHICH APPARENTLY, I was banned FOR LIFE from your biblioteca, —according to the security detail there.

Centre Pompidou Picks Up-and-Comer Xavier Rey for Director Post


Mr. Rey, I remind you that I am Sirius and you are not. With that in mind, if you, or your Monkees at the Bpi could please focus your jeepers on the little Yellow dot below Alnath, KNOW THAT IN REAL TIME, last night a Bright Red Dot was directly at 180° of Venus. Said red dot on top of The Center that you run was… wait for it, and prepare to Present Arms, because it is a Military astro.

Context follows, but Señor Rey, if you please could review your security camera feed, perhaps you could guess what I was trying to line up, it was not Mars, nor that Gas Giant, Emmanuel Macron.

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