Y, Sophie Velasco… ¿Qué pedo con Juanito Guanabacoa?

But, seriously, La Mala called… Juanito se acaba de PROYECTAR.

Watts Da’Four Wan Won Jonathan Capehart? Elise got detention and she wishes that Aunt Gloria was 18.

I Am Sirius and the Paris Tourism Board is not.


Fuck The Eye in The Sky, I am an antichrist and Eye is an Anarchist at Le Pont des Arts.

Me Re Cai

I am Serious, and Julio Cortázar was of course, a fag… Sin Celery, El General Arrollo, —me cae!

Note to the Paris Tourism Board, knowing that your imagination only extends to the dwarfs at Le Beaubourg, please be advised that both fuentes, Julio and Carlos are known fellows at Montparnasse, don Porfi no me dejaría mentir.

Is that supposed to be a TANgent, gents? Or are you just happy to see Mi, you talentless hacks.

Y, Sophie Velasco, así como la re transmisión —en Vivo— de Aquí Somos y Aquí Es Samos, del pasado mes de enero es otro círculo en las renovaciones a las instalaciones de RFPP, él mes de enero DE 2022 es el retorno de las re caídas de Cronos, o como dice López Obrador: EL horario de Verano. In this Episode, don Andrés eats his Children, starting with the little fat one.

For inner-context, no time entity, including Cronos… that motherfucker, can impede the natural development of an 11 year-old boy, unless… You Haul’em Out to the dirty boulevard.


La Paz de un círculo ruso, sponsored by Amnesty International.


My name is Armando Segovia / Serrano–Prieto and Eye approves this message because it’s funny to Mí.


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