And Juanita Toliver, here… have-at-it

And Joy-Anne Reid 🤹🏼‍♀️🥇🤹🏼‍♂️🏆🔤🔠… anyone? 🔡… Miller? 🔡… e, f, g? Anyone?

https ://okdiario .com /andalucia /abascal-manifestacion-vox-sevilla-alguien-daria-pan-vecino-antes-que-hijo– 7268314

And MARÍA TERE KUMAR, not to be outdone by The Zapatistas, who are currently playing HOMER across The ATLANTIC, the extreme right from SPAIN is going on a TROJAN tour across Europe looking for nazies like them:

Dear, ReidOut Crew… Ted Cruz rides a Toyota to México, while Eye is actually on a motherfucking BLAZING SADDLE… and RACHEL MADDOW, can your graphics monkees spot the difference?

Once again, Öüï is going to have to WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW, during the Avi Velshi (International Spymaster Hour) to review ZAPANTERA ROSA and  Los Zapatistas de la Línea Once del Metro de la RATP, on account that El PAN (nuestro) de cada día tiene CONEXIÓN con la propuesta de CANONización de ABASCAL. En México his name was CARLOS and in SPAIN he works for VOX.

Diputado panista se alía con la extrema derecha española

Vox, tercera fuerza parlamentaria en el país ibérico, impulsa plataforma contra los gobiernos de inspiración comunista

Armando G. Tejeda
Periódico La Jornada
Sábado 31 de octubre de 2020, p. 11

As far as Öüï is aware, Vice-President Kamala Harris has never been to Cataluña. Madame V.P. therefore, has not experienced “las patatas bravas” en La Moncloa. Anyhow, Juanita Toliver (i borrowed  a letter Ti, for administrative purposes)… EnTonces pues, Juanita, now Eye knows that with a name like yours and at your age you know the difference between them Washington Red apples (from Cuauhtémoc) y las limas exportadas a París.


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