Intermedio entre Independencias y Revoluciones

Chapter Tree… The Sun also rises on Reiser

And Alicia Menendez… a llegado la hora cuchi cuchi….  Di MARÍA; 22′ GOOOOOOOOOL, ¡y de sombrerito! Una bonita jugada para Galeano, a huevo que sí. — Fin de la primera mitad score is: Good PSG 1 – 0 Bad PSG //// Loss of Signal for this time-delayed update for Saturday, July 10 (Hilo Hawaii) is in effect.

Synopsis: let Mí think about, IT! But “Never gonna let you down” is next on the DJ track-blacklist straight from La Place discoteca and brasserie

And Baby Blue, in Yello’ to They, KAZPR [won’t let Mí lie], or some Graf Frog doing his thing right now on my wall (it’s mine… i am taking it home) The Supremes [🎼 Ewe can’t Hairy, Love]are discussing your Porno [BongBum🎶] on the Capitol Hill sketch.

And Prof. NIKOLE Hannah-Bee–Jones, you know one alone can’t write this up. TENNESSEE is passing by (18h46 CET), followed by The North Star, check the log.

con jugo de Lima de limón,

“Yo te prefiero, fuera de foco… NOW EYE KNOWS that the world is coming to an END. Check it out, Madame Hidalgo, your Plagues Régie thinks that he has an imagination, but he doesn’t. Allow Mí, to explain, IT!, for you. Now, Madame Hidalgo, Eye knows that your tourism board has seen Forrest Gump. Even the good people of the Pôle-Emploi à Evry have seen Forrest Gump. Any-hoot, Madame Mayor, your communication director might remember that scene (and your Armée de Terre might collaborate) where rain falls on Forrest from all directions, —even from the bottom-up, like The Good Reverend Al Sharpton explained to Nº 46 at the Top House. KNOT THE case in Paris! Every-body from Antony knows that rain in Paris must fit the cookie-cut straight down pour, especially on all poor sons-ov-Bichat, but not today, today the rain fell with a West-leaning slash; picture the Red Baron approaching nose FO’ist from La Dèfense hacía El Arco del Triunfo. I, armando segovia, TROUly bee-lieve that this is the Fault of Freddy Krugger… you are knot foolin’ anyone Dizaster 156! You think that dyeing your red strip Indigo Bleu is going to hide your spray?

In•deed Lindsey, IN-deed… Eye knows that there is a time difference between the ticker-tape’s over there and the river-tags across the street, but Mr. Velshi, what am Eye, an Android? Tomorrow means tomorrow, now pass that color Yellow and and let’s look at les IDÉES del Mundo de Le Monde, it’s part of the Shhhhhhh! Be vegui-vegui-Quiet and keep your mouth on shutdown mode, especially if the year is 39, on pages 28/29.

But nevermind the Pios, or as the French say, “C’est Si Bon”, « les archives du Vatican et les silences de Pie XII—frente al nazismo ».

Brian May is relaying to the “Motherlode¹” Bob the Plant, that Italy needs to go down just like Brazil should (later tomorrow) en La Copa América… ISSY, never mind Las Malvinas.

¹-.) A “lode” was originally a stream of water, but by analogy it became a vein of metal ore. Ask Webster, or that other French fellow, little Robert, Eye believes that that is what the ‘natives’ here call that wordsmith.

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