If you insist, just thd Facts, Frida Kahlo

Tuesday, hoy and for the remainder of the They. Indeed.

Please be advised that technical irregularities continue to downgrade the Debit of bandwidth and with it, the timeliness of our Smiles 🎺

Issy, in spite of all the voices outside my head*, 🎶 Well we’movin on up! 😇 🧨 And, Niño Luc, if you interpret the following floor as anything other than Good Times then you don’t know the difference between the Golden Arches and… The Golden Arches and? Anyone… Omar Sy? The Golden Arches and: El Arco de Lupin.

*The voice inside my noggin is fine Claire McCaskill, come on in. The WaWa is fine, bring Sen. Klobuchar along.

‘Member now Cha-Ka, we are dealing with the Land of The Lost right now… and over at La Place de La République, the good fellows at Libération just went ahead and S.P.L.I.N.T.E.R.E.D. the French vote for 2022.

DINO•MITE!!!… pronounced in a Jimmy Walker (Jay Jay voice)… remember NOW, Lupin is the long lost illegitimate son of Lupe “El Bronco” Esparza, mexicano.

And in Washington, never mind Washington, we are dealing with Monterrey, NL, right now. And “En un bosque de la China…”, Donnie Deutsh, ¡Que feo estás!

Neta que no semos simios, ¡semos changos! Cepillín. R.I.P.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/03/09 /cultura /mientras-haya-ninos-habra-payasoscepillin/

Con Razón encontraron a la hija de McDonald con la cara de Mapache… ‘inche Cepillin!!! .:. 1C4DBF63-4013-4A8A-8737-F6878592DF27 🤡 VERBATIM from La Jornada: He did not like to UNMASK… “Often I came back home and I didn’t have time to remove the paint, I even made love to my wife painted, because you arrive and on the dead man LAS CORONAS (3.1416 x radius squared)… She ended up looking like a raccoon“.

After the break, it’s “Vamos a la escuela”, on Deadline.

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