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Did you catch that

Did you happen to catch NBC’s positioning for the next French Election? 🚦 1168F07C-E1E4-453E-9866-08E3B825DF63 🗺 Off-course ÖÜÏ have been telling you this since the day when Armando Serrano Prieto stood in front of the then president of México, Enrique de Jésus Peña Nieto, right before his SEDENA detail in PARIS entered through door nº 33 at the Hôtel de Ville. Eye however could not confirm if General Cienfuegos was in that specific State Visit entourage, or if the GOOD general was being debriefed on the laptop that was compromised at Invalides. —_!_— Jour et Nuit, Baby!

In the Mexican criminal system, “el año de Hidalgo” dictates that anyone WHO, in the exiting presidential administration, leaves a surplus to the incoming executive term, is of course?

[Armando Àlvarez beats John Bronco at the buzzer buzz]

— What is a fag! ❌

[John Bronco picks up the answer]

—  What is “un ‘ijo–eh Sue” ✅✅✅


On DEADLINE, Steve Kornacki relays a message to International Spy and Canadian baby seal slugger, Avi Velshi:

This is the return of the space cowboy

This is the return of the space cowboy… vaquero de rancho! —_•¡•_—  Charcoal art on la rue de l’Euchaudé (75006) is courtesy of Philippe from Bordeaux, now showing on the Right Bank of DOCUMENT 15 (sin nombre… it’s Twue! The Gallery does not have a name).

Sleep is for the Weak.


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