El Año de Hidalgo … Walter Isaacson in the Role of Alice Cooper

Still to come, “It’s that 70’s Show”

Change of Command ceremony

Change of Command ceremony scheduled for January the 20th, 2021… this means that Donald John Trump is on E.T.S. status.

It’s a 51/50 block on a 71/70 frame.


Over on the Ali Vittalli stream…

Good morning, it’s Tuesday MARCH 10, 2020… yada yada, yada. Fast foreword to Tuesday November 10, 2020, and we find a hysteric Claire McCasket driving a white SUV Northbound on I-95, she’s headed to Tijuana, but decided to take the Canadian bordo loop, just because.

Claire McCasket:
—“If O.J. has a right to look for the real killers, so does Mika…”.

911 operator
— Is this really happening?

[At this point in the SUEÑO MOR, or as some say in Georgia, the rapid phase of Eye Movements] Ali Vittalli found herself in the back seat of a Ford Bronco… red on the inside, whiter than white on the outside]

Ali Vittalli (responding to an “emigrante*)
– American Citizen
(Ali Vittalli dismisses the Customs Enforcement Officer and asks Claire McCasket, “why have those raggedy-ass flags haven’t been replaced yet?”)

Claire McCasket:
—It’s those sycophant assholes from the GSA, WHO like a good Mexican neighbor has not recognized President-elect Biden, yet.

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/11/09 /trumpista/

You’re in good hands, papi 🚂 BF3B92F0-861B-45B0-B775-08CBE4EBFB5A 🎠 Hola, Mari… how is El Paso doing?

Ali Vittalli:
— Those motherfuckers. Where are we headed?

Claire McCasket:

Ali Vittalli:
Donkey Show?

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